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Aug 28, 2011 08:00 AM

Are any Manhattan restaurants open?

Frivolous, I know. I can't be the only one going slightly stir-crazy. Anyone know if any places on the Upper West Side are open?

I do understand that large communities are without power, and trees have fallen on their roofs. And that people have been killed. But in most of Manhattan pretty much nothing happened except that it rained.

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  1. Walked by Kasbah about an hour ago and it was closed. I doubt anything will open because it is too hard for the employees to get to the restaurants.

    1. Pardes is open tonight. The chef called to let me know (altho i know its in brooklyn)

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        Yeah, but how to get there, if the buses and subways are still not running?

        1. re: zsero

          Maybe AdinaA has a car.. but i actually forgot that transportation wasnt running (I live in NJ what can i say?!). Ooops.

          1. re: marissaj

            No car (one of the gratest pleasures of Manhattan life is having no car). We considered picking up a Zipcar and heading to Pardes, but what we really wanted was a long walk. Lots of big trees down. Saw two big ones break and crash down on Riverside Drive at about 6pm.

            Then we walked over to Deli Kasbah. Hadn't been there in years. It was packed with long waits. But it's a neighborhood crowd, talked to lots of people I don't regularly see.

            I had forgotten why I used to like the place. They gave me nice, moist, grilled chicken with Middle Eastern spices, and they make fries cut very roughly so that they are incredibly crisp because they have extra surfaces to expose to the deep fat they fry in. Salty and unimaginably caloric. They draw a young crowd that can afford the calories.

            About half the restaurants on Broadway were open, and packed, the whole street felt like a small town, running into everyone you know, people in little clusters chatting on the corners.

            1. re: AdinaA

              Those fries sound awesome. I cannot afford the calories at all, but maybe I should make an exception?!

              1. re: marissaj

                Well, if you walk form your place to Deli Kasbah whenever there is a hurricane, bur only during a hurricane, you will burn off the calories without eating high-fat fries more often than you ought ;-)

      2. of course good old Kosher Delight is open

        1. As is Bagel Basket (90th and Amsterdam)

          1. Mike's Bistro has a recording saying it is closed.

            Noi Dui and Mike's pizzeria are not answering the phone.

            Cafe Roma is open.

            Prime KO is opening at 5.

            Deli Kasbah is opening at 5.

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              Kosher Marketplace is open
              Talias is open
              Mike's pizzeria closed (when I walked by as of 2:30pm)