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Aug 28, 2011 06:54 AM

Indonesia - Javanese Fried Chicken (& other stuff) from Ayam Goreng "Tenes"

If there's any fried chicken spot in Malang which can rival Ayam Goreng Jogja (, it has to be Ayam Goreng "Tenes", so-named by its founders Bpk Dodid & Ibu Yety in 1991 because it's located near the town's sports stadium and specifically the tennis ("tenes") centre, so I'm told.

Ayam Goreng Tenes' version of fried chicken, however, did not have the honeycombed batter crust of Ayam Goreng Jogja's - its fried chicken were simply marinated in turmeric/salt before being deep-fried till crisp on the outside, whilst retaining a hint of moistness within.

We had:

- Ayam Goreng (fried chicken), which also came with its organs (liver/gizzards) all crisp-fried;

- Ikan Gurame Goreng (fried freshwater Gurame fish) - the fish being crisp-fried till one can eat the fins & all;

- Fried Tempe & Tofu, served with a thick, dark "terasi" (fermented shrimp) dip & small explosive "cabe rawit" (birds' eye chillis);

- Grilled chicken, smothered with a sweet dark soysauce marinade - for those who'd simply had enough of deep-fried foods. But I thought the version here was not as good as those I'd tasted elswhere;

- Stir-fried kangkung vegetable with garlic & sliced "cabe merah" (red chillis). I wondered why it came with just one little hard-boiled quail's egg on top?

- Crisp-fried chicken's intestines. These were delicious. Ah, the wonders of the deep-frying process. Someone need to introduce these East Javanese to Mars Bars or Snickers so they can deep-fry them as well :-D

The sambal terasi (chilli-fermented shrimp paste dip) served with a squeeze of local lime was a great accompaniment, and went well with steamed white rice.

Address details
Ayam Goreng "Tenes"
Jl. Tenes 12
Malang, East Java
Tel: 0341-362553 / 340093

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    1. re: penang_rojak

      Mindful of the "sins" of having too much deep-fried foods, I'm glad to report that I absolutely stayed away from fried chicken spots in Malang this time :-)

      1. re: klyeoh

        Well, with regards to the fried foods (and the soto ayam variations representative of food around those parts which you mentioned in another post) one person elsewhere seems to miss the "variety of dishes available" in Indonesia...

        1. re: huiray

          Good to know that some people actually misses the food here in Indonesia. Right now, I think I've about had my fill of East Javanese cuisine to last me for quite a while. I don't think I can take another whiff of "daun salam" (Indonesian bay leaf) which seemed to lurk inside many stews here, especially the "gudeg" jackfruit curry which formed part of that East Javanese breakfast staple, Nasi Pecel, or Madura islsnd's Nasi Buk.

          And by the way, Malaysian-style Mee Jawa is non-existent here in Java/"Jawa". No noodle dish here even bore the slightest resemblance! It's like "Singapore noodles" in the US, which did not look or taste like anything we have in Singapore.

          1. re: klyeoh


            Y'know, I think of Mee Jawa (Malaysian-style) as a pale/half-hearted cousin of Penang Har Mee.