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Aug 28, 2011 03:11 AM

are you still a fan of hong kong noodle??

they are frequently busy and attract a major chinese clientele. the food is generally satisfying and the menu has almost 300 items. the kitchen is lightning fast. zero atmosphere. is it high on your list??

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  1. It works for me. I usually do takeout there, and, in fact, did so about a month ago. The food was as good as I ever remember it. I wouldn't say it's the best Chinese restaurant in town -- though for Hong Kong style cooking it may well be. But I'll drive past a number of other Chinese/Chinese-American restaurants to get there.

    Hong Kong Restaurant
    7828 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55420

      1. what are some of their best dishes? and things to avoid?

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          they make an incredible kimchi, odd I know, but delicious. Is this the one in Dinkytown? That is the one where the kimchi lives.

          1. re: docfood

            It's in Stadium Village and the kimchi is indeed good, though I did not know it was made in-house. They serve it this little boat and we always get it as an accompaniment.

            The daily specials, soups, and some of the hot pots are great, everything else is good. We've always had luck with any dish that includes fish and mushrooms...go figure.

            To answer the OPs question: Yes.

            1. re: docfood

              this is the one on washington avenue southeat @ Ontario

            2. re: stymie

              Typical of restaurants like HKN, I try to avoid the Chinese-American combination plates and the obviously Americanized cream-cheese wontons and the like. I'm also a big fan of ordering off what looks like a changeable menu on the wall, reasoning (at least mostly correctly, I think) that they're there because they stand out from the rest of what's offered on the menu.

              With 300-odd dishes, there are going to be some clinkers. But I would think the namesake noodle bowls and soups would be consistently good. I've enjoyed the different vegetable dishes (not just stirfried peatips or broccoli). I'm sure I've tried a couple things over the years which just didn't ring the 10-pound bell. But 'most everything else has been at least tasty, if not 100% Hong Kong authentic (never been there myself, though my luggage has).

              Hong Kong Restaurant
              7828 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55420