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Aug 27, 2011 07:45 PM

Best Wolfgang Puck Restaurant?

I'm taking my Dad to Vegas for his 70th birthday in October, and among his wishes is to "eat a meal in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant."

Dad's a pretty basic eater — molecular gastronomy would be lost on him — and much more of a beer guy than a wine drinker. He lives in Kansas City, and his favorite restaurants are Lydia's, where he always gets the pork "osso bucco", and Johnny Cascone's, a local Italian place.

Which of Puck's properties would offer a relaxing "not to stuffy" dining experience, decent food, and will appeal to my dad's midwestern sensibilities?

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  1. Spago! Sit in the cafe. Very casual and relaxed with great food. Plus, you get to people watch!

    1. While Cut will get the most acclaim among Puck's Las Vegas properties, your father sounds like he might enjoy the Chocroute Garni at Spago's. Head Chef Eric Klein is Alsatian, so the dish is near and dear to his heart, and he hand-makes his own sausages. Comfort food with sophistication. And the rest of you should do fine from that menu as well.

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        What's the current status of ordering from the dining room at Spago when sitting at the cafe? I think Spago suffers from some fatigue among the food-obsessed solely because it's been around so long. It's a pleasant and often rewarding place to eat.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          These days they are really good about allowing the full menu to be ordered throughout the premise. In some ways it is a shame that Spago has been around so long - you are right about the fatigue aspect, and it unfortunately takes away from the work that Klein does in the kitchen, truly one of the most under-rated chefs in all of Las Vegas.

      2. I really enjoyed the food at Spago so I'd vote for that.

        1. I think the choice comes down to Spago or Cut. If he's looking for more of a quintessential Puck experience, it's Spago.

          1. I cannot say enough good things about Cut. We had a near perfect experience there earlier this year. We like food that is a little more straight-forward, and it suited us perfectly.