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  • flo Aug 27, 2011 06:54 PM
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Anybody been to this New Zealand newcomer on Union Street below 7th Ave ?

847 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  1. Yup, we tried it out the other night. Very nice addition to the neighborhood. The menu has a number of interesting items at a variety of price points ($12 vegetarian pot pie vs. $25 snapper). Service was attentive and friendly. We had the smoked and pickled mussels (very simple dish -- just a jar of pickled, smoked mussels served with bread and butter), fried chicken with truffled honey (yum), corn and crab soup (very good),vegetarian pie (excellent), beet and ricotta salad (good but a tad under-seasoned.) The people next to us were having the lamb burger topped with a fried egg, which looked mouthwatering. The dessert was excellent --- passion fruit and coconut creme brulee.They did not yet have a liquor license but the hostess told me that they would be focusing on wines from the Malborough region of NZ. All in all, we found it to be a very pleasant, casual place with interesting food and a comfortable, homey vibe.

    847 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

    1. We went to Kiwiana a few weeks ago, and loved it completely. The folks at our table tried the salmon ceviche, pickled mussels, the steak tartare, and the beet salad for starters. The standout was the mussels. They were really delicious. Vibrant pickle flavor with the touch of smoke that rounded out all that acid and made them so rich.

      We did the fried chicken, snapper, and ribs for entrees, and were really pleased with everything. Everything was well-cooked, with great twists on classic flavors. The broth on my snapper was fantastic, as were the perfectly cooked vegetables it was served with.

      We had a mango dessert special that we all really liked, too.

      The service was warm, friendly, and attentive.

      We live right around the block, so we'll be back a ton. It's nice to have a restaurant of this quality so close!

      847 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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        Another shout-out to Kiwiana! Since the earlier reports were posted last fall, the place has gotten its liquor license and has some nice wines. The food, atmosphere and service were all lovely. I know it gets jammed on weekends, especially for brunch, but our weeknight dinner was very relaxed. Also, they have a "happy hour" special (until 7:00 p.m.) lamb burger for only $10 (normally $12) and some glasses of wine for $5.

      2. Have gone to Kiwiana twice in recent weeks and think it is excellent. I have had the fried chicken and the Venison. Venison was perfectly cooked and the mustard potatoes lived up to their name.

        The fried chicken was a surprise -- I can't help comparing to Blue Ribbon, which I think sets the standard, although it outrageously priced. At first, Kiwiana's version lacked the spicy kick of BRs, but as I ate more, i stopped missing the kick in favor of the interesting seasoning. Do wish they would include some white meat, as it was all dark meat. But that's my preference.

        Butternut squash soup is delicious with a nice cumin-y flavor, and a recent grilled ramps special with poached egg was delicious. Do agree about the beet and ricotta salad being underseasoned. I felt it needed a bit of salt and some more sweetness.

        Desserts are a mixed bag -- bread pudding was delicious, but the sponge cakes were, well, sponge cakes.

        Service was friendly and attentive and they are a child friendly restaurant, which is helpful.

        All in all, one of my favorite new places around.