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Aug 27, 2011 05:42 PM

Colonel Sander's cole slaw

Does anyone have a recipe that mimics Colonel Sander's cole slaw????


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    You can find this recipe in a bunch of places. I've tried it and it hits dead on.

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      I have made this recipe many times. It is spot on, as you said.

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        another vote for this one, and I agree it's bang-on.

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          Yep, it works well. This is my coleslaw recipe.

          1. re: rohirette

            Thanks! Love their cole slaw (can't stand the chix), so will make this this week.

        2. I have to in my cookbook or recipes to try, but haven't had a chance.

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            While I have to agree that Todd's recipe has to be one of the best sweet cole slaw dressings I've ever made, and I've made it a lot over the years as my favorite dressing. It is NOT similar the original KFC dressing. The orignal up to the second corporate change was made from just Miracle Whip, Kraft Vegetable Oil,Heinz Tarragon Vinegar, Sugar, and Salt for 50lbs of Buffalo/Bowl chopper processed cabbage and 3 cups of chopped onions. There were no carrots except for some regions like the Canadian franchisees in the original which was 4 cups. If you substitute Heinz tarragon vinegar and white pepper in Todd's version, it's even better then the original. You can't replicate the finely chopped texture using a food processor, it has to be done with an industrial/institutional bowl chopper which isn't too common in food prep anymore. Many cash and carries sell 5lb bags of a double cut cabbage that gets you pretty close to the original.

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              Following up on this, one of my father's home health aides told me recently that she worked at KFC and made a lot of cole slaw there and the secret is white pepper. I had made a cole slaw with a sweet dressing and was unhappy with it but once she had me add a bunch of white pepper it was vastly improved.

              1. re: GretchenS

                That must have been a very long time ago and/or something the franchisee did themselves. Pepper of any kind was never part of the official cole slaw recipe. I can't think of the name of the company that was making it for them, but the dressing had come prepared in plastic bags to be added to bagged slaw mix sometime around the time the units became the independent red and whites. Maybe something has changed over the years. White pepper to my knowledge was only used in the macaroni salad and whipped potatoes to keep an appetizing appearance. The secret was always the tarragon vinegar.