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Aug 27, 2011 02:02 PM

Does anybody know where I can get a whole Alpaca or Llamma to cook. ALSO how much$$$$

I want to roast one whole. I would perfe3r it be a few hours away from Greenville SC

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  1. Maybe a call to your local meat processing place could provide a lead. State agriculture sites often list growers/ranchers/etc.

    Good luck!

    1. Other than that I once remodeled a llama pen into a greenhouse, I have no connection with these noble beasts, but would love to hear how you plan to roast it.

      1. I'll try,but you will need a lot of luck and deep pockets.I am in Maryland so here is a link so you can get an idea what the Alpaca/Llamma people are about.
        N.Virginia has even more breeders.I think as you go south,get warmer there are fewer farmed,so much of the ? is about the fleece and pets and shows.We reluctantly kept two that were preggers last winter for a friend working out permits and fencing.They came with an insurance inspection and various other bits of paper equal to a show horse.Don't ask how much $$.

        1. I hope you know that neither one makes for good eats. They are valued as pack animals, and for their wool, particularly alpacas. Neither is valued as food.

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            not good eats?? young camel is excellent eating

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              i hate to say this, but i had llama in Bolivia a couple months ago, and it was delicious - a very tender, flavorful steak. it's on more and more menus there. saddens me, because i think they're so beautiful, and i really didn't need to add another animal to my repertoire. luckily for the llamas, i don't get back there more than once ever 15 or so years!

              1. re: mariacarmen

                beautiful, easy to raise as sheep,yes ..hard to keep many,yes..sort of a lousy temperment added to less domesticated requiring more space.
                but tasty somewhere between older lamb and goat,yes

            2. isn't there a petting zoo nearby where you could snatch one when the kids aren't looking? :)