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Aug 27, 2011 01:01 PM

cidade in ossining under new management and now serving Chivito!

We were sad to see the previous owner sell Cidade, he had a wonderful vision, was great with our kids and served delicious, well-priced food. My understanding is that the baker is the new owner, so the baked good are still fantastic but they've started to introduce new menu items. The couple next to us were eating great looking chivito so we decided to give it a try. We were served a huge sandwich consisting of steak, egg, ham, bacon, olives, fried peppers and melted cheese on a freshly baked roll. It's like this but about 1.5 times the size:

and served with fries. Big enough for two people to share (and given the caloric/cholestorol) intake, probably a good idea).

we plan to be there every weekend until they close the place...which, given the low prices and lack of traffic, will probably happen over the next six months.

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  1. Where in Ossining is this place?

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    1. we were back at cidade today, my kids shared a chivito and it wasn't as good as last week. Noticed they had a different cook, the bacon wasn't crispy, sandwich didn't seem as big. the pastry was still delicious.

      1. I saw Our Idiot Brother the other day and noticed that part of it was filmed in downtown Ossining-- Paul Rudd got out of the car right in front of Cidade Cafe!

        1. so we've been going here every weekend. The chivitos have been very good, the chicken and steak milanese are also great. They've just started making warm empanadas, we tried one over the weekend and it was delicious. Well-seasoned ground beef with fresh herbs and a flaky crust for $1.50. Unbelievable!

          1. happy to report that this place hasn't closed and is as good as ever. They don't have quite as much european pastry in favor of delicacies from portugal and Uruguay. New things to try include an assortment of Bizcochos , great sausage bread and fried cod balls. Today my family had a big loaf of sausage bread which they cut up and heated, cappuccino, an empanada, a cod ball, a Bizcochos and six pastry. Total cost $19.50!