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Aug 27, 2011 12:33 PM

Cooks Illustrated Online - is there a Magazine Subscriber Discount?

Hi I subscribe to CI and just got my last issue-there is an offer in there to get online access for a discount but they don't say what the discount is (nice huh?)

Anyone know the price for the website if you are a print subsciber?

I am also a little worried since I didn't renew my paper subscription they will zap me with a higher price because I let the paper subscription lapse

Otherwise I have a link to get 1 year for $17.95

What is the yearly cost for "others" anyway? I googled and saw $34.00 or so which is WAY too much for access to a website.

Sorry so many ?s

Any responses appreciated


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  1. This has been brought up many times on the board. I found the following links for you: -this one states the normal online price is 34.95 but that was in 09 and costs may have gone up

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    1. re: pdxgastro

      Thanks for those links! :) appreciate that.

      I went ahead and signed up for the trial before checking back here-impulsive - now I regret it.

      I tried to look for recipes and saw this "editors choice" nonsense-I should have known better with Cook's, I''ll save a few recipes but will definitely cancel.

      hope I don't have any difficulty canceling before the trial is over

      1. re: madeliner

        The search engine on this site is pitifully inadequate. The way we've learned to do searches is with Google. Type "Chowhound" and then what you're searching for. FYI.