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Aug 27, 2011 12:31 PM

bistro in Abbesses

First time in Paris for friends of mine. Foodies. They're renting an apartment on Rue Lepic in the Abbesses area during the 1st week of September.

Any suggestions for good bistros or cafes with good food for lunch & dinner that are not upscale?

Also, thoughts on Chez Paul and Chez Denis?


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  1. The little Montmartre bus will take them up to within a couple of short blocks of La Table d'Eugene on rue Eugene Sue or to Oxalys on rue Ferdinand Flocon. These are both near the Jules Joffren terminal.

    1. - Bistro Lorette, in the 9th, but very near rue Lepic.
      - On rue des Abbesses, Coquelicot has nice casual lunches, and very good bread.

      There are two Chez Paul in Paris. Could you specify?
      I have not heard of Chez Denis, but of course it does not mean it does not exist. Are you sure you don't mean Chez Denise? The difference is like Joseph and Josephine.

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        sorry about that. Yes, I meant Chez Denise. and Chez Paul in the Bastille area.

        1. re: micheline1

          Chez Paul in Bastille has decent bistro food and a warm atmosphere. The hachis parmentier there is quite good.
          There is a ton of reviews on chez Denise which you can easily search on this board.

          1. re: Parigi

            any bistro that's more than decent, in your opinion? could be any arrondisement

      2. Very close by Abbesses is Le Miroir. I just heard from a local resident who found it very satisfactory.