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Aug 27, 2011 11:26 AM

Restaurants in Quebec City and Charlevoix for twenty-somethings

Looking for dinner and lunch restaurants in Quebec City and Charlevoix for the beginning of September (in Quebec City for 1 night and Charlevoix for 2). Traveling with my boyfriend - we are 22 years old. We are really into food but don't like fancy dining. If you could please suggest something in the moderate price range, great food and somewhere with a good vibe I would greatly appreciate it! We have a car so it doesn't need to be somewhere in a specific area. Thank you thank you!!!

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  1. To get a perspective on what food you're used to I looked back in your posts and found your utter crucifixion on the Paris CH boards for stating that french food isn't your favourite. I'm confident that this won't happen here, but also keep in mind that in quebec city (and likely charlevoix) most of the board favourites are quite French or french-inspired. In fact I have trouble thinking of any that aren't French. If non-french is still a preference then hopefully someone else will be able to direct you appropriately. If you're open to French food then in QC I'd push for L'Échaudé. I don't know exactly what you mean by good vibe - its not raucous - but I think its fairly casual, with moderate price and good, classic bistro food.

    Others will disagree with me, but I have trouble thinking of a truly laid-back place in the city that has good, reasonably priced food. Pain Beni also has great, original food and a beautiful terrasse, but I always feel weirded out by their interior (even by their menues) - it's like 90s modern formal, and I find it too bright and too quiet to ever feel comfortable... The opposite of good vibe in my books. But if you can get a spot outside and the weather behaves then this might be a good bet..
    Good luck!

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      I was at the Pain Beni a month ago, loved their food, they told us it was a new decor (1year ago). A mix of old and modern. Are we talking about the same????

      1. re: madamebatignolles

        I would assume so - I was last there in late May. I can't exactly place why I feel that way. The building itself is beautiful, the chairs were great.. I think its some combination of wood veneer around the bar, diffuse lighting, white tile flooring, and just general colour combinations (bright red with dark brown accents, the bright green back booth and the large mural on the back wall) that all somehow summate to make it feel cold.. somewhere between institutional and American chain restaurant. It just comes off as being new low-grade components... I don't remember anything old at all (except the walls). However, I think my tastes are skewed towards the current Montreal/Brooklyn favourites: worn wood and industrial hardware.

        However, this should not taint the fact that I found both their food and staff to be exceptional (which is really more important). The scallop appetizer was one of the best I've ever had (maybe even bested Club Chasse et Peche's).

      2. re: Fintastic

        I noticed they were quite French. It's not that we don't like French food but we were looking for other options. I will look at your suggestions. Thanks so much!

        1. re: A.S.K.

          Bizarre as memory is... the bottom of the bar is a piece of stainless which my husband and I are still puzzled how it was made! and I asked them about the chandeliers - Artemide Giacosta because so unusual to see them in restaurants...
          I second your vote their scallop appetizer is a pure marvel. The special that night was duck in 3 different ways : magret, confit and foie gras! I just still dream of it.