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Aug 27, 2011 08:14 AM

Yummy House vs. China Yuan in Tampa

A few of us are driving from Sarasota to Tampa just to have Chinese food for lunch. I have narrowed the choice down, after reading many reviews and comments about both, to the Yummy House and China Yuan. I am leaning towards Yummy House, but which one of the two Yummy House’s do we try?

The Yummy House on 2202 West Waters or the one on East Hillsborough Ave? Or, is the choice between the two indifferent?

Am I making a mistake by choosing Yummy House over China Yuan?

Too bad that ABC in St. Petersburg is not open for lunch, which would be a third choice. We will have to arrange a night for dinner there in the near future.


China Yuan
8502 N Armenia Ave Ste 1A, Tampa, FL 33604

Yummy House
2202 W Waters Ave Ste 1A, Tampa, FL 33604

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  1. you can't really go wrong at either place, especially given the reasonable prices, The Hillsborough YH is much nicer than the old location.