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Aug 27, 2011 07:25 AM

Restaurants in Wrightsville Beach & immediate area

I will be staying on Wrightsville Beach for 5 nights in early October.

Would appreciate input on excellent restaurants for dinner. Prefer fresh seafood, Italian & steaks next two choices. Price no problem.

Thanking you for your replies.

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  1. Marc's on Market - upscale but great value
    Dockside - casual Kalabash seafood, great for lunch
    Portland Grille - upscale and pricey
    osteria-cicchetti - good Italian for excellent prices

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    1. best restaurant in WB is PortLand Grill.
      best seafood is Bridgetender. Oceanic has excellent crabcakes and good grilled fish.
      both have good views of water.

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      1. re: webvanman

        Thank you all for the great advice, will give them a try!

        Sorry for the delayed response but here in Richmond my power, phone & internet have been down since 11 am Saturday & just came back on today around 2pm due to Irene! Thank goodness for the generator I put in when I built 5 years ago.

      2. 22 North, located right in "downtown" Wrightsville Beach is excellent. Far and away the best restaurant in WB and on par with almost anything in Wilmington.

        22 North
        22 N Lumina Ave, Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480

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