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Aug 27, 2011 01:27 AM

Vancouver's best delis - what do you recommend?

One of my favorite delis is Kaplan's where I've been getting their pastrami and turkey breast for my weekly sandwich fixes. Another is Banana Grove on East 22nd that has great cheeses and a very good deli selection. Just wanted to know any hidden tips on the delis you frequent and what do they have that you would definitely recommend from there.

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  1. Great call on Banana Grove's deli. It doesn't look like much on the outside.

    I like the deli at Bosa Foods. The old location on Victoria Dr is the one I frequent because it is close to me, but the new location's selection is much bigger. I often get porchetta, Italian sausages and some Italian cheeses.

    I also like to go to the Freybe Outlet on Hastings for some really good East European stuff. Get their German bacons.

    I used to line up at Santa Barbara, but now rarely go. Get the chorizo.

    Other worthy places are Moccia - great 'artisanal' salumi. Polonia on Hastings - great bacon, Polish sausages. International Sausage in Burnaby - bacon, smoked sausages, German ham.

    1. Heringer's in Steveston. They're a butcher shop, but their deli items are seriously Chow-worthy.

      Ugo & Joe's on Nanaimo and E Hastings is another.

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        for a great selection of house -made sausage try Rio"s Friendly meats ( not sure how meats can be friendly though) and also try the new Save on meats butcher shop/deli as they are gradually increasing their product range

      2. A Bay Area hounder chiming in here. We recently enjoyed a vacation in Vancouver, and the opportunity to meet up with a few Vancouver hounders: Big shout out of appreciation to Grayelf and A La Carte!

        One deli I'd like to add to the discussion: Eurofoods on Robson @ Bidwel. It's a small low-profile emporium that is the real deal. We thoroughly enjoyed the selection of Eastern European specialty items -- such as "zamoysky", an amazing smoked cheese from Poland; an unusual selection of floral-infused teas; Hungarian paprika; smoked sturgeon; etc. It's a treasure.

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          Eurofoods is great, but parking there is not, sadly.

          I mostly get my deli stuff at Parthenon (decent prices, freshly sliced meats, reasonable selection of cheeses).

          I do drive to Alenka to get their chubby wieners, so light and delicious. Mum is addicted to the Polish cheese they carry. Lots of other interesting Russian and Polish treats as well, including frozen vareniki and so on made in house.

          Bonus: they are in the same strip mall as Ba Le so you can grab a banh mi while you're at it!

        2. Oyama on Granville Island is always a sure bet. Call ahead and ask them to whip you up a platter. The last one I grabbed was a $40er and had a huge selection of meat and cheeses - all phenomenal.

          1. I like Omnitsky's for their tongue and rye caraway bread.

            From Polonus on Fraser I get smoked chicken legs, frankfurters and kielbasa. They also do an interesting juniper sausage.

            Echo Euro foods. I got some nice smoked eel from them/