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Aug 26, 2011 10:24 PM

A rare NY steak from Canyon Creek Chophouse Burlington is tough to top for steak! Awesome!

I went there tonight for the second time. My gf and I brought our 6 month old daughter there and sat her at the table with us, but in her portable car seat. The staff here is outstanding. Very friendly and very attentive . Our server for the second time in a row was Ashley. This girl is one of the best waitresses I have ever had anywhere. She is so adorable, very polite, and very attentive. The next time I go I am requesting a patio seat and her as our server once again.
The food is fantastic in my opinion. Me and my gf were joking calling Canyon Creek a "Super Keg" The steak is incredible. Rare....melts in my mouth. And the Blue Cheese crust is par none...and their lobster tail is amazing. I think Canyon Creek Burlington just might be my new favorite sit and eat location of anything, anywhere. I always leave this place happy and excited for the food I just inhaled. Lol.

And Ashley (I really hope I have her name right) makes an already great experience here that much better.

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  1. It's just a so-so chain resto--very "meh." Glad the server was so cute. You sound smitten.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      I'm with Kagemusha,

      While I am glad you had a great time, I have found every experience there most lacklustre.

      And the steak appeared to have some crazy tenderiser on it... gave me a headache for hours afterwards.

      1. re: Non Doctor

        I didnt even realize it was a chain my first time there. I have been to Harbour 60 three times. Each time I felt unsatisfied and over charged. That is just me. I have never been to another Canyon Creek location. However i really did enjoy the food here. Ashley made it even better. Lol.

        1. re: Philip T

          Don't mind them.

          Try and pay a visit to Jacob's and Co and/or Black Angus, and write back how you think it compares.

          You will pay much more money, however.

          Black Angus
          740 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5E, CA

    2. After you've recovered from your "Ashley" high, check out Canyon Creek's place in the SIR stable:

      For me, they're all awful, so much so they make the worst Keg look good.

      1. Agree with the others' comments -- it is a mediocre SIR chain resto. But so long as you have fun, that's all that really matters.

        1. Agreed that's a nice steak. The hounds are prejudiced against chains though so you won't see much agreement here.
          Canyon Creek is easily my favorite place to go with non-foodies. The chow may be plain, but it's never gross, and I like the dim decor. It does a great job satisfying my more carnivorous associates.

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          1. re: graydyn

            And they make a mean double pork chop! A great grill crusted pepper burger at lunch!

            1. re: graydyn

              Yeah I've really enjoyed my steaks there. I like their fries too.

              And their honey butter is fantastic.

              1. re: magic

                The problem with a chain like this, where the food is of great quality and the recipes are on point, is that the staff revolves so generally you are getting random results. I believe it is that inconsistency that kills the better chain restos.

              2. re: graydyn

                you have a point but i'm willing to bet anything you've never been to the scarborough one.

              3. It's not nearly as bad as people in here are making it out to be. My pops loves their pork chop.