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Aug 26, 2011 08:04 PM

Lunch prices vs. dinner prices

Sometimes I am a little irked when restaurants post their lunch and dinner prices on the same menu and the price differential is huge.

For example, one of my fellow Chowhounders posted the link to the new Turkish-Mediterranean restaurant opening in Hartsdale, Bosphorus. The price difference between lunch and dinner prices on their lamb and beef dishes are anywhere from $6 to $8.

Are these dishes identical portions at both meals or is one substantially bigger than the other?

I see these kinds of menus popping up more frequently.

Has anybody checked out identical dishes at the same restaurant for both lunch and dinner where the prices are far apart such as these? Are the presentations and servings the same or different?

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  1. Lunch is a much more competitive time for restaurants, they have shoppers, workers, and businesspeople to consider in addition to local residents. Dinner servings are usually larger, but it's mainly the volume of prospective customers that determines the price. They can easily go somewhere else. I'd say you're right that 6-8 is too much of a difference, unless you get soup/salad/bread/garnishes or something with dinner. In Westchester most of the places I've been to don't increase by more than a few dollars, if at all.

    1. At the restaurant where I worked, lunch was 4 oz and dinner 8 oz for the center of the plate item. I always assumed it was the same everywhere else too.

      1. It's mainly a matter of tradition. In these parts, dinner is just the main event, lunch is more whimsical. And also, as a poster said, you're going to get a much smaller portion size on the lunch entree as opposed to the dinner one.

        I don't mind at all when I see a big price difference between lunch and dinner, it's pro forma.