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Aug 26, 2011 07:50 PM

Indonesia - "Soto Ayam Ambengan" in Surabaya

Had lunch at the legendary spot in Surabaya for "Soto Ayam Ambengan", a tasty chicken & glass-noodles (mungbean flour vermicelli) soup dish: Pak Sadi "Asli". It's been operating since 1971, and the crowds still build up at lunch-time here.

The chicken soup's tasty from the local "bumbu" spice mix, tinged yellow by turmeric, and served with generous helpings of chicken-meat, hard-boiled egg, chopped spring onions & golden-crisp minced garlic. Went really well with a plate of steamed white rice. I didn't opt for the "Ambengan" version, which is a Surabaya variation involving the addtion of pulverised prawn crackers to thicken the soup (like we do to clam chowder with crushed biscuits).

The local green-colored "fruit-flavored" Fanta soda was a lark :-)

Address details
Soto Ayam Ambengan Pak Sadi "Asli"
Jl Ambengan 3A
(near the intersection with Jl Jaksa Agung Suprapto)
Surabaya, East Java
Tel: 031-5323998

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  1. My Indonesian housemaid who comes from Surabaya cooks exactly this type of mee Soto for us at home! I also tend to add some sliced tomatoes and coriander leaves to the soup.

    We used to have the green Fanta in Singapore but that must have been 40 years ago. It'd good to know that this old-fashioned gassy drink still survived elsewhere. I think I saw some on sale in Bangkok as well.