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I'm Curious: Have You Ever Complained When The Food Served Doesn't Match The Picture?

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We've all been there, whether it is at your local fast food joint or your favorite family restaurant. You see a picture of a dish on the order board or menu and it looks SOO GOOD you order it! But when it arrives, it bears scant resemblance to the picture that set your mouth to watering. The picture of a heaping platter of seafood comes out to be one frozen fish plank and five limp shrimp. The luscious 6-inch tall mega-burger turns out to be a bun, a 10 to 1 patty and half a pickle. The Spaghetti and Meatballs that appears to have been lovingly prepared by Mario Batali himself is revealed to be half a pound of pasta covered with bland jar sauce. Do you complain to the server or manager? Do you refuse to ever return? What do you do about it?

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    1. If it bears no resemblance, I complain. I realize that menus with pictures tend to not be very high-end, but I still want to get what I ordered.

      1. If there are pictures on the menu, I consider it buyer-beware. I'm not saying I don't eat in places with pictures, but I would never complain if it didn't match the picture.

        1. This one time we stopped at a chain, my then-college-aged daughter pointed out to the waitress that her salad looked nothing like on the menu. Apparently, the menu was new to the waitress because she laughed so hard she had tears coming down her face which made us crack up along with all the wise-cracking, rubber-necking customers around us. We had such a good time howling over that and commiserating w/the customers, we forgot to actually complain.
          eta: and my "pork" nublets -- so awful - but true to photo.

          1. If I'm eating somewhere in the US that has pictures in their menus, then I pretty much know what to expect... and don't complain because it's my fault for eating there in the first place.

            1. This topic reminds me of the movie "The Jerk", where Steve Martin is a nouveau-riche idiot who insists his butler make a frou-frou drink precisely as pictured in a fancy-pants magazine, all the way down to the umbrella!

              1. What about drawings? Much classier.