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Aug 26, 2011 05:20 PM

KFC = Salt City

Just went to a potluck and had a piece of KFC chicken for the first time in 25+ years. The salt load was incredible! There was no chicken taste, no breading taste, just a huge salt impact. Who can stand to eat this crap?

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  1. KFC is making a fortune in the Caribbean and China. Maybe they use less salt there.

    1. That's my finding with McDonalds' burgers - Loaded with salt. Who eats that crap?

      If you want to cut down on the salt - stay with the fries - oddly, they have a much lower salt content (not that their fries are worthy).

      1. I have pondered this question for years and years. No flavor, just salt.

        1. I never recalled KFC being over salty, however, i'm from Canada, so that made me look.

          From US KFC nutritional values, a piece of original chicken breast contains 1080mg of sodium, while in Canada, that same piece of chicken only contains 520mg of sodium (although the portion size is a tad smaller in canada - 163 US vs. 141 Canada)

          almost double the sodium in the US recipe than it is in Canada!

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            Wow! Thanks for checking this out. Makes me wonder about the sodium content in processed foods in both countries.