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Aug 26, 2011 05:18 PM

KC BBQ crawl - strategies needed

Hi all... took a bit longer than initially planned, but I have finally booked a road trip that will allow for a day in KC. I'm hoping I can squeeze into the 1 Boulevard Brewery tour that day (it's fully booked according to their website), but other than that it's about Q.

I'm thinking of trying to hit the following places (listed below in geographical order based on our route) and splitting a sandwich with my co-pilot at each place. As she has never been to Arthur Bryant's I will more than likely stop in there just because of the history, and to see if the fries are as good as I remember. It will be the last stop, so it should make for an interesting comparison after all these years.

Johnny's Hickory House
RJ's Bob-Be-Que
Oklahoma Joe's
Danny Edwards
Fiorella's Jack Stack

My main two questions are, for each of the above spots, which sandwich is the way to go, and what are the absolute do-not-miss side dishes? I'm perfectly fine with skipping sides at any stop where they are not truly stellar.

Third question is am I missing a place that should be on the list? We'll be in town all day... should be able to pace ourselves and do a bunch of walking to keep the appetite up.

TIA... you can look forward to a report when all is said and done.

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  1. I'm no fan of Jack Stack. If you decide to go there, the lamb ribs are very good.
    Woodyard is good, and the pit master is very approachable and will love to talk to you.
    RJ's is OK
    OK Joe's is all around excellent. Be prepared to stand in line.

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      After reading other posts I'm thinking of dropping Jack Stack (though we will still head to the area for walking/shopping) and hitting LC's after Arthur Bryant's.

    2. I usually say skip the sides, especially the fries. But my brother says the beans are a true benchmark of a good bbq joint. AB is an historical must. Give us a report back.