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Aug 26, 2011 03:41 PM

What cookware do you recommend to survive a hurricane?

So far we have a manual can opener and several ice chests. The idiot who built the house put gas lines to serve 2 fireplaces, but opted for an electric stove and oven. The man of the house seems delighted: "Oh, an excuse to grill!" I guess he is blind to the wind and rain.

My biggest fear is being without coffee.

Anyway, what else will make this storm easier? Do they even make battery-powered hot water dispensers?

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  1. Is it too late to get a butane stove from Chinatown?

    1. I've seen battery operated water dispensers but not any that actually heat the water.

      Stainless steel pot set over the propane gas grill? That should boil water, right? Well, eventually and if there's not too much water in it.

      Looks like there will be a mandatory evacuation order issued here any time now. The neighboring town just did it and so I have a feeling the lawyers willl be nudging our supervisor to do the same. IMHO it is just a matter of CYA for the powers that be....

      I hate hurricane season.

      I figure our power will go out before midnight tomorrow and it's anyone's guess when it will come back. The last hurricane we had in this neck of the woods wiped out the power for 2 weeks. Oh joy. Guess I better eat that ice cream now while it's still the proper consistency, right? LOL

      When is it predicted to hit your area? They are now saying tomorrow evening hereabouts.

      I wish the first half of it wasn't going to be in the dead of night. Won't be able to see what the heck is happening out there, only hear it. At least the last hurricane had the decency to arrive at 9 a.m.

      EDITED TO ADD: Just a crazy idea but if you have one of those butane torchlike things that are used to caramelize the top of a creme brulee, could that be used to heat the bottom of a kettle if it had just enough water in it for a cup of coffee at a time? Probably would not be enough heat to bring it to real boil though. :-(

      Also I wonder if places like Sports Authority or stores that sell camping equipment have any of these left:

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        What if you make the coffee now and then have it "iced"? Won't be cold for long if the electricity is out, but could get you buy for a bit.

      2. If you are worried about the lack of coffee because you are addicted to caffeine, make sure you have some Red Bull or No Doz or something with caffeine to stave off the headaches. About 5 years or so I weaned myself off of caffeine VERY SLOWLY. I was "rewarded" with an ice storm that promptly left me without power (I had electric heat, hot water heater, and oven/stove). As much as I griped, at least I didn't have to worry about the caffeine withdrawal headaches for the 6 days I didn't have power.

        I did eat a lot of peanut butter and stuff like that--boy was I grateful to be able to cook again when the power came back!

        1. We used to be out of power on a regular basis in the Hudson Valley, so we'd grab the Coleman camp cooker and move it indoors. Yeah, I know there's an issue with that, but it worked for us. Two small burners would heat a pot of water to make instant coffee, a frypan for eggs, etc. We never even knew there may be an issue with air quality etc, but it did the job. A couple large coolers for milk, those eggs, etc. We're campers, so that mentality really helps. Plus, we've always been on a well, so a ready supply and conserving water has also been a basic mindset.

          We've already filled LOTS of those large Glad plastic storage containers with water and they're being frozen as I type. We cleaned out the fridge of short shelf life perishables (leftovers - ha.) We're being pro-active, and I hope it helps!

          Jeez, we just had that earthquake and now this..... everyone be safe.

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          1. re: breadchick

            What about Carbon Monoxide? <Yeah, I know there's an issue with that>

            Are you kidding? Maybe the garage with the doors open, but indoors? You are incredibly lucky it hasn't killed you. Silently, because you will just fall asleep...

            1. re: RGC1982

              This was a Coleman camp stove, and although it probably wasn't smart to use it inside, it did use a clean burning fuel from Coleman. I don't actually know if it's a form of propane or butane honestly. But, we had the windows open, used it only briefly (we weren't braising meat or such) and it was actually near a window. From what I've read in other subsequent posts, I'm wondering if it really is a problem or maybe it's a matter of what fuel you use. I can't honestly give the right answer.

              I do appreciate your concern, thanks.

          2. The butane idea was nixed by the parental units. I don't get headaches from coffee, I just don't function without it. The smell, the smooth taste....

            We're trying to prepare for the loss of power tomorrow morning, but I really wish we had a heat source. I wish we could put the gas fireplace to use to heat water.