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Aug 26, 2011 02:46 PM

Arzak -- Second Floor Better?

Hey -- I have reservations at Arzak in a couple of weeks. I was recently told that the second story of the restaurant is much better and we should have our hotel consierge request a table on the second floor for us. Does anybody know if there is actually a big difference? (or is there actually no second floor at Arzak and I've been punked?)

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  1. The ground floor is the bar, a sitting area, the kitchen and a small private dining room where Juan Mari frequently holds court with his friends. The second floor are the two main dining rooms. That is where you will be seated. I have dined there about 10 times have never sat anywhere but the second floor. There are also a third and fourth floor which are private rooms. Can't understand where you got your information.

    1. Just dined at Arzak this past weekend. There were people dining on the main floor, but most were on the second floor..... there are a couple of different spaces up there but all open to each other so no space feels like exile. Chef made the rounds greeting everyone, and introduced us to the people at the next table, special guests of his, one of whom was from the same country as my party. This was my favourite meal of all time - flavour and texture clearly come first for this kitchen, then magic in the presentation, and the room was lively with the buzz of everyone having a great time, not something I can say about many a 'destination' restaurant I have experienced. You will have a wonderful time.