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Aug 26, 2011 12:31 PM

Teacher lunches

I'm looking for suggestions for lunches I can prepare for my wife, who teaches 40 4th graders in an urban system. The principle cut their lunch time in an effort to raise the test score, so she, and the other teachers in the lunch room will not have much time for the stand-by microwave lunch. (Scenario sound familiar?)

I'm not the handiest cook, but I can follow directions. Besides, the suggested lunches would be appreciated by the teachers out there. Thank you!

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    1. I taught for 15 yrs, mostly 4th also. Anyway, I wasn't inventive with my lunches I'm afraid. I used leftovers, often. Cold roast sliced with slices to cheese and crackers. The basic sandwiches. Often salad made, but not dressed, the night before and put in air tight bowls, dressing in the frig at work. Cold leftover chicken. Frittata is good at room temp. I worked with a teacher who stirred tuna and a bit of dry onion soup mix into a carton of cottage cheese. Hard boiled eggs are filling along with the salad.
      I was so hungry by the time I got lunch, I just wasn't very particular, I guess.

      1. I'm not a teacher but I do pack my own lunch and I stick to bento which is eaten at room temperature. On rare occasions I simply bring a sandwich and fruit.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. If you keep a bowl of tuna salad and another of egg salad, well covered, you've got instant sandwich material or a scoop of something to put atop a bed of lettuce and vegetables. Potato salad, with a side of sliced tomatoes, is a tasty and really adequate lunch too. Buy a squat, wide-mouth thermos, and pour in boiling water; let sit 5 minutes, empty and fill with chili or soup; it will stay perfectly hot 'till lunchtime; send crackers and cheese or a breadroll with this. Lavash sandwiches (flatbread rolled with lunchmeats, veg. and spread, cut into pinwheels) are always nice. Chunk up some fruit and send cottage cheese, with a coldpack. Roll lean lunchmeat around mozzarella sticks.
            And please thank the good lady for doing what amounts to a thankless job. Bunches of us out here appreciate her and her like, and would hand-deliver hot lunch on a daily basis to the folks who teach our kids.

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              I really like the idea of using flatbread for the sandwiches. The tip on the boiling water is also useful. Thanks.