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Aug 26, 2011 12:11 PM

Great new Thai place in Tuckahoe

Aries just opened 3wks ago on the site of the now defunct Tangerine Thai (and previously Garlic & Pepper). I stopped in there a couple of days after they opened to meet the new owners & check it out. Everything we had was absolutely delicious, the prices were very reasonable, the portions were very generous & these are just 3 of the nicest people! The service was great, as it should be considering that we were the only customers. It's BYOB until they get a liquor license.
Here's what we had:
1) Assorted Appetizers ($19) consisting of:
a) Spiced Pan-Seared Tuna....(6"long x 2"diameter cylinder)
b) Summer Rolls (4)..carrots, mint, basil, tofu, rice noodles, lettuce, etc. w/ tamarind sauce
c) Golden Curry Puffs (4)...chicken, onions, potato, curry w/ cucumber relish
d) Mini Crab Cakes (4) ...actually more like a crab mixture on toast wedges
e) Crispy Thai Calamari served with a wonderful mayo vinaigrette dipping sauce

2) Papaya Salad ($10) papaya strings, shredded spiced beef, roasted garlic, peanuts &
tomatoes in a lime vinaigrette with sticky rice croutons.......YUM!

3) Narm Tok ($13)...a steak salad made of spicy sauteed beef flank, red onions, mint leaves &
Thai condiments, served with coconut sticky rice.

The 3 of us had intended to try an entree or two but the appetizers were just too much; so much so that we had to take a doggie bag home.

I hope this little place has better luck than it's predecessors, what with the location being so bad. The menu shows a website ( but it doesn't seem to be up yet. They also don't have a delivery person yet. Try it before the location kills it. The food really IS worth it!!

btw: The little street they're on has been closed for repair since before they opened & from the look of it will remain so for quite a while. Parking was always nearly impossible on this block but there's a large municipal lot about 100ft from the place. It's next to the bridge that crosses the Metro North tracks adjacent to the Tuckahoe Station. There's a luncheonette called Bentley's right opposite the lot...and Aries is immediately behind Bentley's (in the same building).

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  1. Yes, it will be very difficult for this place to find a clientele with the street being closed, and no sign that they are going to pave it any time soon. It's a pain for us since my son practices at the squash club at the end of the street. We will have to give this place a whirl after practice one day next week. Seems like it will be a perfect spot for lunch.

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      Hope the owners consider these suggestions: It would help if their website went live, and if they reached out to the local media for some PR, such as the Patch and the local HS papers once school starts. Coupons and byob are other ways to appeal to new customers. I have not been to this restaurant but I was a fan years ago of the two prior Thai restaurants at that location. I hate to see someone's dream flame out due to extended road construction and a too-low profile. Word of mouth is great, but it won't spread if the proprietors rely on hope as a marketing plan. It's not hard to :get the word out. It doesn't have to cost much (or anything!).

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        You are so right....and I did try to explain the history of the location to them but these people speak precious little English. They actually live in Queens & take the subway & Metro North every day (can you imagine that ordeal?). They are more than a little naive...thinking that they could succeed here using the same "Thai restaurant" formula that works so well in the city. I don't think they investigated the realities here at all. But shortcomings aside, they are really nice people and more importantly, the food is worth the trip!!

    2. I'm pretty sure you can park in the metro north lot in the evenings and on weekends. The road is not expected to open until October (I think that is wishful thinking ) not a priority .. .Army Corps of Engineers

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        Yes, you can park in the Metro North lot (South side of bridge) but it's always full of Angelina's customers. On the other hand, the municipal lot (North side of bridge) pretty much empties out between 5-6pm & is just across the street. Just pass the Metro North lot & go straight thru the light at the bridge & the lot is right there. It's actually easier.

      2. I'm glad to hear you find the new incarnation good, and we'll probably enjoy it too. But we were fond of the (just) previous owners and staff and are sorry they're gone -- tho it shouldn't really come as a surprise: they were never full. I did hope that they did enough in-house business, combined with an apparently reasonably brisk takeout one, to survive. It happens that a week or so ago we were heading there for dinner, saw the road closed, and groaned to each other that they'd never survive. Since it was one of those torrentially raining evenings, we didn't look for a space that would require a walk and just changed our destination.

        1. I just ate here today for the first time since it changed hands. The food is still very good with pretty large portions. That street is still closed, but there's room for about 3 cars to park on one end of the street and there was easy parking by the Squash place as well as on the other side of the building. They have the website up ( ) and now offer local delivery as well as online ordering via grub hub, so I hope this place survives the endless construction!

          1. Had a promising dinner here over the weekend. I got the chicken larb and the drunken noodles with duck. Asked for both Thai spicy and the larb didn't disappoint - it was fiery. The drunken noodles, not so much, but they were still good.

            My wife got carrot and chive dumplings, which were jam-packed with chives, to the point where the wrappers began to fall apart, and vegetarian pad thai. The noodles were fine, but I'm not the biggest pad thai fan - it's always too sweet for me.

            The menu looks relatively standard, though I saw at least one dish with Thai sausage on it. Portions are sizable for the price, and they were reasonably busy for both dine-in and takeout on a Saturday night.