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Aug 26, 2011 09:01 AM

Picnic & BBQ after Ferry Building Market?

My wife and I are in the area for three days and ,in addition to dining out, multiple times, plan to visit the farmers' market and other vendors at Ferry Building Marketplace Saturday (August 27). We may buy something to BBQ for lunch but don't know where a suitable park might be to do so. We have a travel BBQ so we don't need a park that has BBQs installed but one where cooking would be acceptable. We are staying in the Marina district but don't mind a drive to the right spot.

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

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    1. re: nicedragonboy

      If it's not cold, windy, or foggy, but if it's not all the picnic spots with grills might be taken.

      I'm not sure any SF city park allows you to bring your own grill.

      Golden Gate National Recreation Area sometimes allows you to bring your own grill:

    2. A lot of the food at Ferry Plaza is already cooked so you could easily buy seafood, burgers, porchetta, tamales, or roast chicken without doing more than slicing a peach or tomato.

      Good spots for picnics nearby:
      hop on a ferry in any direction.
      Across the Embarcadero you could sit on the grass by Maritime Plaza or Battery Park and watch for the parrots.
      Hop on the J Church MUNi line 15 minutes to Dolores Park, generally sunnier and warmer than most other spots in the city.
      The Presidio is full of good picnic spots from Crissy Field to the area by the Warming Hut (which does have grill pits).

      The best parks with grills are further west: Ft Miley and Golden Gate Park.

      Warming Hut
      983 Marine Drive, San Francisco, CA