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Aug 26, 2011 09:00 AM

Verona Recommendations?

I did a search for Verona restaurants here, and didn't really come up with anything specific. There was mention of al Pompiere (but that kinda died when the OP was asked what was so great about the restaurant that he/she would want something similar in Rome), but I didn't see anything else after that..

We're spending one night in Verona, and I'm still deciding which restaurant to choose.

Al Pompiere does indeed sound quite lovely.. but there are a few red flags*:
1. It's near Juliet's house (albeit down a semi hidden alley)
2. It's rated quite high on TA (although the earlier reviews are in Italian)
3. It's in all the guide books, eg LP (I'm not saying that they never list decent restaurants in there, but I generally just quickly glance over the eating section in guidebooks)

*It is, however, in GR (a fork and a 74 rating iirc.. don't have the book with me now), and it is also in the L'Osterie guide.

Anyhow, if it's not this place, I've narrowed it down to these others:
* Al Capitan della Cittadella
* Sottoriva
* 12 Apostoli
.. and perhaps il Desco, although I'd prefer a more casual dinner for our time in Verona.

Side note: We'll be visiting Bottega del Vino during the day for snack or lunch + glass of wine as well..

All further thoughts + recommendations/suggestions welcome!

Thanks in advance,

Bottega del Vino
Vicolo Scudo di Francia, 3, Verona, Veneto 37121, IT

Vicolo Regina d

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  1. I liked Ristorante Greppia (Michelin two forks, Plotkin), but it was eons ago.

    Ristorante Greppia
    Vicolo Samaritana, 3, Verona, Veneto , IT

    1. Ristorante La Fontanina is quite good. It is across the river, towards the Roman theater.

      La Fontanina
      loc. Santo Stefano,Via Portichetti Fontanelle,3a, Verona, Veneto , IT

      1. Al Pompiere was quite good. Especially their assortment of salume. Make sure to make reservations. Not overly touristy. La Fontanina is likely a short cab ride. A number of very pretty rooms decorated with antiques. Pasta dishes and the beef braised in Amarone were great. Quite romantic.

        Porchetti is a classic Verona trattoria that is half way between San Zeno and Castelvecchio (both highly recommended). I started with bigoli in hare sauce and my wife had taglietelle with a quartet of toppings on the side (mushrooms, chicken liver, meat sauce, tomato sauce). Our second was a choice of meats and vegetables from a huge cart of roasted and boiled delicacies. Very friendly staff, although they did not speak English. Excellent quality and good value


        Vicolo Regina d