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Downtown food court battle is on! Office cog survey!

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OK, some of the stalls in the food court for Santee Alley are pretty good, as are some at Grand Central.

The big downtown office building food courts, however, are a mixed blessing at best, and many are dreadful.

Some 'hounds have said nice things about Mangia Mangia at 5th Flower, and the Greek place at 7th and Fig, though I found both kinda mediocre. They've just added a new place, within the last couple of weeks, to the Macys' Plaza; it looks seriously dreadful (salad bar with several varieties of jello salad??!!!).

AND it appears there's no longer a decent chicken burrito to be had south of Grand Central; the place at Hill/8th is shuttered (actually, "roll-down-doored") with no sign that they'll ever re-open.

So, of the various places in various downtown food-courts, which are any good?

Let the chewing and slurping in the cubicles begin!


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  1. While some of my co-workers seem to like the new places that have opened in the food court under the City Nat'l Bank/Paul Hastings towers, I really don't see any improvement -- I think the food is dreadful, the prices are high, and the atmosphere is depressing. The fire alarm that went off last time I was down there, causing confusion that was not handled well by building employees, didn't help. I'm really dismayed at the terrible quality of the new additions downtown -- Qdoba and Camille's?! Blech!

    My primary goal with food-court lunches while I'm at work is getting something reasonably tasty that has at least a passing resemblance to freshly-prepared food from whole ingredients. That's why I tend to favor Caffe Prezzo at 5th and Fig (I like the Prezzo club sandwich with a side of tomato-cucumber salad), Charlie Kabob and the Greek place at 7th & Fig, Mangia Mangia on occasion, sandwiches from Sandbags in the weird little food court at Wilshire & Fig (actually there are a couple of decent options there -- despite the setting). And of course, that's also why I prefer to get in my car and go further afield for lunch (Sushi Gen, Sushi Go 55, Grand Central, La Parilla, Chichen Itza, Angelique, Pho 87, Daikokuya, Orochon...) when I can.

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      Silverlake Bodhisattva

      Gotta say, Qdoba (owned by JackinTheBox) is kind of a sorry substitute even for our now-gone branch of La Salsa.

      We gotta get better street food in this town!
      Where are the soup wagons and kabob wagons, and the bagel carts that downtown NY supports?


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        Are both of the La Salsa's closed? There was one on 5th and Grand, too. I think there is a Mexican place in the Macy's plaza food court, although I never tried it.

        I have to say, one of the main things I don't miss about working downtown is the food.

        There is a Japanese place next to Nazo's Deli on 8th just east of Fig. that is not half bad.

        They do an edible french dip sandwich (and fresh roast turkey sandwiches) at the deli located on Olive right across from Pershing Square, and the teriyaki bowl place on the north side of 5th between Grand and Olive is okay as well.

        1. re: DanaB
          Silverlake Bodhisattva

          The Mex place in Macys' Plaza is what inspired my cry of despair; it's not very good, and they raised their prices, I think, in response to La Salsa closing down their 7th street location across the street from them.

          The quasi-Japanese place next to Nazo is Sansai, which is a mini-chain, but is actually pretty good. BUT when my wife/partner's on a diet, I eat there about three times a week, so I've had enough of it for a while.
          It's better than the place at Olive/5th; less salt and grease. (there's a couple of teriyaki places south of 7th, one, I think, on Hill or Olive, free-standing, which isn't bad, though it LOOKS kind of grungy..)

          Anyone tried ALL of the places in the St Vincents/Jewelry Center alley?


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            I (recently) worked on Grand near 6th for 18 months, and at Fig and 8th for another 6 months, and they were the saddest lunch months I ever had. I literally would get sad when it was lunchtime, if I hadn't brought food from home. It was always a least-of-evils kind of choice. I didn't have the luxury of being able to go out in my car for a long lunch. The places I noted in the above post, along with the kabob place at 7th and Fig (which I think was noted in the OP's post), were what sustained me. Never ventured down the alley of which you speak, but there's a decent middle-eastern place on 5th east of Pershing Square. The name is slipping my mind right now, but it's on the north side of the street in the block (it could be two blocks), east of Pershing Square, and they specialize in roast chicken. There's a Mexican place there, too, which looks authentic, but I found disappointing, myself.

            1. re: DanaB

              You mean Sultan. Really good roast chicken (with garlic paste, like Zankou) and assorted Middle Eastern food.

            2. re: Silverlake Bodhisattva

              Haven't tried ALL the places in the alley, but Farid's is pretty good for shish-kebabs. Actually, all their stuff is surprisingly good. The pizza place at the corner of the alley has barely acceptable pizza, so I wouldn't recommend it when you can get other places to deliver much better. There was also another place I tried ages ago, but don't remember the name. It was pretty gross though...

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          everyone in this post has mentioned the greek place at 7th and fig, but no one has said it's name! anyone know it?

            1. re: morefiction

              George's is the greek place, and Charlie Kabob is the middle eastern place. Both excellent!

          1. Gas Company Tower cafeteria ... does that count as a food court?

            If not, then it has to be Pentolino in the Wells Fargo Center (nice atmosphere with the atrium as well).

            1. I don't get the luxury of a car or a long lunch, so if I am not eating in the cafe in my building (6th floor AON tower), it is pretty bleak I will agree.
              That place in Macy's plaza is a reopening, it sounds like it is just more of the same steam table/buffet/bad salad bar?
              Wakana Sushi in the Macy's plaza is good, $5.99 spicy tuna bowl, salmon is always good, tuna is good most of the time
              The place on the left side of the elevator bank has freshly carved turkey sandwich, skip the mashed/gravy tho...
              Charlie Kabob 7th/Fig is good too, Greek place (can't remember the name of it) is ok.. Han's (?) has pretty good Korean bowls.
              I know the weird "food court" on Wilshire, Sandbags veggie sand is really good, pretty good chicken bowl place, and a vegetarian place which I have not tried eyt. Go early for better "ambiance".
              ARCO Plaza food court is just too creepy, the taco place (Taco Time?) has tater tots...

              1. s

                As a downtown worker, I feel your pain. That Greek place in 7th is barely passable. Macy's Plaza is downright dreadful and Arco Tower is truely frightful. The Bonaventure holds no charms either. Across from the Bonaventure where Ciudad (5th/Fig) is sort of a food court, Koo Koo Roo and La Salsa are decent. What's nice about this place is that if you take your plastic tray up the esclator, there is this delightful shaded dining area.

                There is a one-of place on 5th and Olive/Grand called Organic to Go that has nice soups and sandwiches, but it's not a food court, just a stand alone store.

                1. Two places not yet mentioned. There's a not bad sandwich/salad place on Fifth next to the library tower playing on a newspaper/media theme. Hot off the press maybe?

                  And I'm not judging on authenticity, but the korean bbq place inside the bonaventure hotel (fast food) is pretty tasty. Well, I like the beef bbq plate and that's about it there.

                  1. I like Mendcino Farms at Water Court/Cal Plaza, a little hard to find on the north end in the tunnel. It's a sandwich shop with a couple of soups and salads. Great bread and quality ingerdients! A sandwich will run about $7.

                    1. OK, not a food court and requires a car, but my favorite cheap lunch downtown is at Dino's, on Pico and Berendo, two blocks west of Vermont. Looks like a burger joint with parking behind and indoor and outdoor windows to order and pick up -- by far the majority get the crazy chicken combo. Half of a small, marinated flame-grilled chicken, served atop thin fries, with a side of coleslaw and tortillas. The marinade is superb -- garlicky, with turmeric, tangy -- I ask for extra which does drown the fries a little. All this for less than $5. Appoint a runner -- you see many well-dressed office types carrying out a half-dozen cartons or more to feed their coworkers.

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                      1. re: nosh
                        Silverlake Bodhisattva

                        Oh yes, when we were in mid-Wilshire, we'd in fact do just that; but with gas at $3 a gal. and parking what it is, we just don't do it now that we're downtown. WHY isn't there a Dino's, or something like it, downtown?

                        1. re: Silverlake Bodhisattva

                          Not Dino's, but at the small Downtown LA farmer's market on Thursdays there is a rotisserie chicken grill stand that is very good. Crispy skin with nice rosemary & lemon tang, yet still moist inside.

                      2. i'm curious - no mention of italian and/or pizza places - nothing worth tasting ? i'm in downtown next week for 2 days - one of those on my own dime - would like a quick slice or a bowl od pasta.

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                        1. re: kj
                          Silverlake Bodhisattva

                          Well, there's some OK Italian places (see my prior posts about downtown lunches) and Next Door Pizza on 8th btw Flower and Fig has pretty good slices, (although overpriced ($2.75) by NY standards, where I understand the price of a thin crust slice is inextricably tied to the price of a subway ride). The NY pizza by the slice place that used to be a Lamonica's, on 5th I think, has changed names/hands recently and I can't vouch for it, since I ain't been there since the change.

                          r gould-saltman

                          1. re: Silverlake Bodhisattva

                            the ex-Lamonica's(it's on 6th,not 5th)is still very good. Change was name only,not ownership. It's now called LA NY Pizza.

                        2. By all means, avoid the City Hall Food Court. I mean, you get off the freeway and there's a sign saying Food Court and Parking and such, but don't be deceived! That food court's been there for years, and nothing's been done to upgrade it chow-wise. My mom remembers all the places there, although Big Boy has closed since then. The only decent thing there is Quizno's and the juice place.

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                          1. re: chica
                            Silverlake Bodhisattva

                            City Hall Food Court? Is that the one that adjoins the strange sculpture thing (the "triforium", was it?) that used to light up and play music like a K-Mart version of psychedelica?

                            Haven't eaten THERE since 1982; I AM surprised it's still there...

                            1. re: Silverlake Bodhisattva

                              I'm not sure...but it has that inverted fountain in the middle of the open court. Yeah, most of the places there have existed before I was born.

                              1. re: Silverlake Bodhisattva

                                It is officially called "The Los Angeles Mall."
                                It is a pit of despair.
                                You would be much better off walking to Olvera St. (La Lux de Dia) or to Little Tokyo (Daikuya?, Senor Fish, Usui...) than trying to find something edible down in the mall.

                              2. re: chica

                                Since I work in City Hall East and often have to eat quickly, I share your opinion. What keeps this alive (amazing since it's not open weekends or evenings) are the tons of civil service workers from city and nearby federal buildings. The same guy who owns Quizno's also owns the adjoining Robek's and Sbarro. Quizno's is probably the best of those although it's not cheap unless you have one of their frequent coupons. All in all I think the best thing in the mall is LA Rotisserie which makes pretty good chicken over rice or chicken over veggie bowls (I'm partial to the chicken over cabbage). And their green beans are really good (always sell out). For over a year, everyone has been impatiently waiting for California Pita to open (still under construction) in the old Bob's space.

                                1. re: mc michael

                                  Ha, I work in City Hall East too. I saw this thread and HAD to post how the LA City Mall must have the worst food court in LA. Yes it's the one under the weird sculpture, and yes it absolutely sucks. Instead of the food court, it's worth walking a block or two to Sushi Gen, Sohujo, Las Galas, Korean BBQ, Sushi Go 55, TOT, Aoi, East, the cafeteria in the CalTrans building (only for their inexpensive hamburgers) or take the DASH to Chinatown for six or seven other of my favorite places.

                                  1. re: mc michael

                                    California Pita has finally opened. It's merely OK, And it's expensive. They could cut down portion size and knock a dollar off the prices and they might start to have something.

                                    1. re: mc michael

                                      The comment I heard was too expensive even with a $2 coupon.

                                      1. re: mlgb

                                        I spent nearly $12 for lunch there today only to get indifferent meatproduct piled upon limp, greasy fries and Pita that tasted like day-old cardboard. I wouldn't eat that swill again at half the price.

                                        1. re: tmp00

                                          Gaack. Thanks for taking the bullet.

                                          Over in the Bonaventure I like Olive Branch on the pool deck, although he is really slow.

                                          1. re: tmp00

                                            The lemon chicken pita for $6 is Ok but not any deal.

                                    2. re: chica

                                      I'm laughing at the comments about the LA Mall food court. I worked at City Hall for a summer in 1987 -- and that food court was horrid back then. On a rare occasion, you could get a decent burger at Big Boy (which was a fast food version of Bob's), but that was it. Periodically, I walk through the food court on my way to court and I'm amazed at the lack of decent options. It can't be that expensive, so why not have a decent taqueria?

                                      1. re: Jwsel

                                        I thought there was a pretty decent taqueria/Mexican place at the third spot across from Leons and the former Carl's. From approximately 1987-1990 or thereabouts. I think if you want that you just walk another block or two to Luz del Dia.

                                    3. I like that little plaza close to Little Tokyo that has Hurry Curry (the take-out and dine-in stores), a tiny coffee/sandwich shop that carries unique teas/Godiva, and other Japanese restaurants (sorry, I've never tried them). It's behind the Otani Hotel. There's an open courtyard where you can sit with colleagues, chat, and chow. By the way, I hear the Otani Hotel has a decent 'cafeteria'- like restaurant on its 1st floor.

                                      1. Yo, SB,
                                        The Grubman has lived & worked downtown (Arco cum City Natl Plaza) for many years. Here’s the pretty depressing take on food courts:
                                        Macy’s – nada, absolutemente nada
                                        7th & Fig – in a pinch, the Greek place will do, but it's def not Papa Cristo’s.
                                        City Natl – Mangia Mangia’s pasta is pretty good indeed. Salads 2000 (also at CA Plaza) makes a decent Chinese chicken salad, nothing else. The new court stations are terrific only if you really really enjoy, say, Mexican food like they make it in Boise, Idaho – really, the Grubster would not lie to you.
                                        CA Plaza/Wells Fargo Ctr – Mendocino Farms makes delicious sandwiches. CA Pizza Kitchen’s (also at 7th & Fig) thin Sicilian pizza (ask for it crispy) is actually pretty damned wonderful.
                                        Farmers Market – on Wed, wander up to 5th in front of the library for a bacon-wrapped hot dog. You'll forget about the rest of the week’s lunches.
                                        Not a food court, but the Lebanese place in the St. Vincent’s alley is worth the walk.

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                                        1. re: Mr Grub
                                          Silverlake Bodhisattva

                                          WHICH Lebanese place in the alley, Grubster?

                                        2. Skip the food court and walk over to 2nd & Main to the Pitfire Pizza Company. Outside seating (not today)and over sized leather booths. Pizza, Pasta, Panini & Salads. They deliver downtown too.. www.pitfirepizza.com

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                                          1. re: paul

                                            Get there by 11:45 am or forget it. The lines are out the door. It is very good though.

                                          2. Teriyaki Boy , on 3rd Street off Main (across the street from the Reagan Building)is a small Japanese restaurant but it's a great Bang for the Buck (for a Japanese Restaurant). I used to walk to Little Tokyo if I wanted Bento Boxes but since Teriyaki Boy opened, I'm there all the time. The Bento Boxes are great and they have Rolls as well.

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                                            1. re: mp66825

                                              Really? What specifically do you recommend at Teri Boy?

                                            2. There is actually Thai downtown, in the jewelry district. They have daily offerings, two for $6, such as curry, spicy catfish. If I don't like what they have, I order Pad See Yew off the menu, and they make it to order.

                                              Rama Thai Cuisine
                                              625 S Hill St # 68, Los Angeles, CA 90014

                                              This salad place has been mentioned on this board.

                                              Also, Los Angeles Pizza (formerly Lamonica's) at 5th and Grand, which has also been mentioned previously on this board.

                                              I agree that Gas Co. has a good food court. Sometimes they have salad w. macadamia nuts and mango. I like going there for breakfast sandwiches.

                                              I’ve been to Pho in the fashion district, wasn’t memorable, would really love Pho downtown.

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                                                1. re: nectarine

                                                  IMHO, Loose Leaf's quality has gone downhill precipitously since I first found them. The last few times I ordered from them, the greens were of sad quality and my mom basically broke out in hives after eating their citrus-miso dressing. I haven't ordered from them in a few months so who knows, maybe they've improved?

                                                2. I've tried it several times, and it seems they don't use the laborious beef bone broth method. There broth was clear as if it were bouillon. They are good for other noodle dishes though. Thanks.

                                                  1. You know a place is lame for quick lunches when places such as Koo Koo Roo, CPK and Subway (there's a new one on Cesar Chavez and Grand, across from Burger King) stand out.

                                                    I second the rec's for Mendocino Farms and Salads 2000 in California Plaza. The latter often has a decent soup of the day, usually tortilla or chicken noodle with a Mexican influence. But Organic to Go in the same complex is overpriced and not that great to begin with, IMHO.

                                                    The LA City Mall is indeed a joke, with the possible exception of the rather chaotic Quizno's. Much better to go to Little Tokyo where Suehiro, Takumi, Senor Fish, Hama Sushi and of course Sushi Gen are way better.

                                                    Hot Off the Press on 5th near Grand has some interesting sandwiches, but for me it's a bit of a hike so I rarely go. La Salsa or Baja Fresh or whatever it is above it is so-so.

                                                    Casey's Irish Bar and Grill on Grand was truly awful the one time I ate there.

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                                                    1. re: Mr. Cookie

                                                      I'm a bit late in seeing this thread, but isn't Leon's in the LA City Mall pretty good? Used to like their lentil soup and chicken noodle soup, with a side salad and frozen yogurt (best was the day they had coconut and chocolate).

                                                      In The Bonaventure Food Court, Olive Branch is good (Lebanese). There was also a Korean place that wasn't bad for bibimbap.

                                                      1. re: mlgb

                                                        This is funny cause I was walking through the LA mall and saw a sign in a shop that said" Vote for us: Best Food Court." Voting has started for those Best of lists.

                                                        LA MALL- Leons is still in the mall and tasty. The LA mall also has LA Chicken Rottiserie which I think is underated. I think people don't notice it sometimes. The Pastry Place in the mall is also great for sandwiches and busy but quick during lunch. Aside from that, nothing else good.

                                                        Arco Plaza- Went there today and it doesnt have a lot of choices. Mangia Mangia is over priced in my opinion and the tuna sandwich I got there was so bland. No fresh bread, no fresh ingredients. I like Rice Garden. There seems be 5 sandwiches places there.

                                                        7th/Fig- Nothing is particularly tasty except the greek place. I do like Arby's but it shutdown recently.

                                                        1. re: kek is khmer

                                                          Yes the Pastry Place (the one that had a salad and pasta selections and nice danish in the morning), and the coffee was pretty good too.

                                                          And Guilianos was not the worst either. Are they still in the basement level of City Hall East? Maybe with security tightened up the public couldn't access that location easily.

                                                          1. re: mlgb

                                                            Yup, Guilianos is still there. They got good soup of sandwiches (if you like thick bread).

                                                            1. re: kek is khmer

                                                              Is this the same Guilianos that they have in the South Bay? If so, I'm there. Best meatball subs around!

                                                              1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

                                                                Yes it is, but it's a pretty small location and I think everything is prepared off site.

                                                            2. re: mlgb

                                                              There's a bigger Guiliano's in City Hall proper--I think it's the 3rd floor. The Pastry Place is OK, tho I think Cafe St. Michel is better for salads, sandwiches and coffee and Sharon the owner is nice. Unlike everywhere else, her prices include the tax. So you don't have to deal with pennies.

                                                              1. re: mc michael

                                                                Guiliano's in City Hall is on the 2nd floor and in CH East - 1st floor... if you're not a CH employee you need to get a visitor pass either on CHE 2nd floor or CH 1st floor...otherwise, you won't get very far past the security guard, even if you make it through the locked doors scooting in on the tails of an employee.

                                                                1. re: mc michael

                                                                  Is Cafe St. Michel right next to the Pastry Place? Is Pastry Place the one closer to the old Bob's Big Boy ? If so Pastry Place is what we used to call "cheap coffee and donut place"' and Cafe St. Michel is better, much much better.

                                                        2. I used to work in downtown, 6th and flower. Can not stand Arco plaza, Macy's and 7th/Fig food court. I usually ventured into where my husband's office used to be at 6th/Spring. Had some of best Mexican in those hole in the wall places. Last Friday decided to meet him at his new office location at 12th/Broadway (ATT building) for lunch. Very pleastantly surprised the cafeteria in his building had some really good food, and inexpensive. Was able to get out of door with $13 for 3 people, drinks are included.

                                                          1. I think the chicken shawarma at George's Greek Cafe is wonderful. The chicken shawarma salad is a great healthy lunch. I'm craving it here in Boston. Also liked Charlie Kabob. The vegetarian place someone mentioned is nice for a healthy breakfast. Other than that, I don't remember much worthwhile at food courts (though I find the pizza at CPK acceptable).

                                                            1. My Favs For Lunch Downtown:

                                                              1. Patina's Market Cafe - Wells Fargo Center. Chicken soba and spinach w/ shrimp salad are great from the salad bar. I liked the beets too. Simple. The rib eye sandwich is good, and my favorite are the 3 sourdough crostinis with red pepper hommus and smoked salmon. 7.50 gets you the 3 plus a small mixed field green salad. Pretty good eats.

                                                              2. Hot off the Press - Underneath La Salsa, 5th and Grand. Miguel will do you right. The Subscription sandwich is my fav, hot or cold. Very good chicken salad, especially when they have marbled sourdough available. Cookies are good, try the strawberry shortcake cookie. If you like spicy, ask for their house hot sauce. Great buffalo-ish flavor.

                                                              3. Organic To Go - Gas Company Tower. Good salads, great soups, sandwiches are good too.

                                                              4. Blue Velvet. If you asked me last year, Casey's would be in this spot. But Morningstar moved, and now that wonderful burger, fries, and buttermilk aioli are at BV. Service could be better, and those chairs (nouveau hip as they may be) are uncomfortale. Twice now beers have been tepid, but its work lunch, you shouldn't be drinking anyway. Burger is $14 but well worth it.

                                                              5. Ana Maria's in Grand Central Market - Great tortas for only $4. Huge tacos for $2.50. Sizable portions for cheap, huge pieces of chicken they chop up right in front of you, though sometimes they throw in the gristle too. I always ask they throw it out. Torta is piled high with onions, avocado, tomato, crema. Get the salsa verde.

                                                              6. The Chinese stall just a few down. Try their jalapeno chicken. Like orange chicken, but no sauce and sliced jalapenos. Unhealthy and fried, but a guilty pleasure. I usually stop by for a toothpick sample.

                                                              7. Oomasa. Good sushi, old school place. I go here cause it's cheap. Good for after work.

                                                              8. Gas Company Tower Cafeteria is dece, hit and miss. I work in that building so I may have just gotten used to it. Fridays there's a pretty good fish taco set, Tuesdays has indian thats been incredible some days and bleech on others. The most consistent is talking to Maritza at the easy-to-miss sandwich bar and getting her special mexican chicken salad (on squaw). There's also mexican tuna salad. Add avocado.

                                                              For a bit of a drive:

                                                              -- La Taquiza down Fig close to USC has the best al pastor and pretty solid veggie burritos (try the avocado salsa). Fish and aguas frescas are really good too.

                                                              -- Ocean Seafood or Empress Pavilion for bao zi and other take out dim sum. Not as good as NBC or Ocean Star but passable.

                                                              1. Most of the eateries in the food courts downtown serve overpriced mediocre food. The places worth going to are Sushi Go 55, Joymart, The Curry House all in Little Tokyo. For a good sandwich or pasta try Corner Bakery on 8th and figueroa. Their chicken pesto sandwich is fantastic.

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                                                                1. re: henrychris

                                                                  When I have time, I go to either Daily or Ciudad. When I want to walk I go to Mendocino farms. There's basically one food court place worth your money--Mangia Mangia in the City National basements. That is if eating in a cold, dark corner of the basement doesn't make you suicidal when it's 70 and sunny outside. If a standard bread sandwich is too healthy, you'll like croissant sandwiches as much as me, and my two favorite places for those are Nazo's (7th/Fig) and Vieta Cafe (6th/Flower and only $4).
                                                                  It's a goddamn shame that there is no Pho or decent food not invented in the Americas in downtown.

                                                                  1. re: morefiction

                                                                    Last time I checked Chinatown and Little Tokyo were considered part of downtown. Of course you might have to get on the DASH bus which isn't that practical if you are in the south end. There are some Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown but it's been too long since I worked downtown to be able to recommend one.

                                                                2. I find George's greek @7th/fig to be quite respectable. Their burger is tasty enough and at 6 bucks is probably the best bargain to be had in DTLA food courts. I also find their gyro to be pretty good; no mad greek, but pretty good.

                                                                  nazo's bakery, 8th/fig. Good fairly cheap sandwiches.

                                                                  WTF is wrong with quizno's? For lunch fair quizno's is great, albeit kinda expensive.

                                                                  Lamonica's on 6th/hope.

                                                                  Granted this thread is for food courts..but as the other 50 replies have hinted at food court fare is pretty horrid.

                                                                  1. Nobody mentioned the foodcourt at Santee Court it's on Los Angeles between 7th and 8th.

                                                                    There's 3 places open right now (Mexican, Chinese, Smoothies) but supposedly there's Pizza Hut, Peruvian, and Kabob places going in there really soon....

                                                                    1. If you're close to 7th and Fig, walk across the bridge and try Rene Cafe, just west of Bixel. Chinese and Thai food. A hole in the wall. The lunch special of squid with garlic and pepper sauce is quite good. They seem to dumb down for non-Asians so order extra-spicy, and then ask for extra hot sauce (which is Sambal Oelek).

                                                                      1. I will be at the Reagan Building (333 S. Spring, I think) for several days next week, and possibly today. Anyone know if the food there is any good?

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                                                                        1. re: calabasas_trafalgar

                                                                          I tried it today, and it's not bad. Had a chicken tostada grande.