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Aug 26, 2011 07:28 AM

going to chinatown tonight need some suggestions

Hello all!
I'm headed down to chinatown tonight and looking for some good cheap eat spots. Both my go to places have been closed (chinese food court and grand chau chow.) Since their closings I've been kinda lost on where to go for good food down there. I love noodles, spicy stuff, beef, porkand chicken. Not so big on seafood unless its extraordinary but ill admit I can do some serious damage to crab rangoon and fried shrimp, any help you can give would be appreciated and forgive me if this topic has been beat to death.

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  1. Peach Farm - Salt and Pepper Fried Shrimp scooped live from the tank.

    Peach Farm
    4 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

    1. given what you describe, you could try Hong Kong Eatery (on Harrison). All kinds of noodles (i usually get pan fried), beef short rib black pepper, crispy skin pork (siu yuk, request center cut), roast/ bbq pork (cha siu, request fatty), spicy salt pork chops, spicy salt shrimp...if you're in a beef mood, try the "roast beef" (really prime rib) at New Golden Gate, their spicy salt shrimp is also good

      1. One of the stalls at the old food court. Royal Pacific opened a store front on Tyler one block south of Kneeland. It is my go to place for take out but had a couple of small tables. Excellent and inexpensive. Decor is minimal.

        Royal Pacific
        70 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

        1. Sounds like Great Taste or Vinh Sun would be to your liking as well.

          Vinh Sun
          58 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111

          1. vega, where did you go and did you like it?