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Aug 26, 2011 07:25 AM

Pho in Pittsburgh? Need advice from people who actually know what they are talking about!

Greetings, I just moved to Pittsburgh. I'm sitting here sick and wanting some pho. It's pretty clear to me from reading Yelp reviews that people don't really seem to know what the H they are talking about regarding pho. I've had both Tram's and Pho Minh and am just kind of bemused by how passionately people are defending such average pho.

Then I remembered Chowhound from my SF Bay Area days, and that I generally fall in line with chowhounders...So, where should I get pho in PIttsburgh? Do I need to give one of these places a second try or what?

I've given up completely on finding pho with lemongrass or a place that gives you the pepper rings, but there has to be somewhere where the beef isn't gristly and the broth doesn't taste like water, right?
("it tastes like water, but with a smack of ham....")

Pho Minh
4917 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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  1. Eat 'n Park has pretty good chicken noodle soup...

    1. There once was a dirty dump in the Strip that had good pho. It closed a couple years ago. Next best I've had in these parts is Pho88 on Rte 88 (Library Rd) in Castle Shannon. I doubt it'll meet the standards of the best in SF though.

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      1. re: Panini Guy

        Thanks, I'm completely willing to settle between somewhere between bland and too salty. I've always had pretty good luck with Pho places that have a number in their name, I will definitely check that out. I gave Vietnam's Pho in the Strip a try last night, it was ok, pretty salty, but they gave you peppers unlike the other places, so that's a plus....

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          I will first start off saying , I know nothing about PHO, but really wish I did.. So I would love to hear you feedback when and if you find something good.

          However, I hear this many times from transplants that our asian foods , as a whole, does not compare or even compete at all with other cities. I hate to rely bad new via second hand word of mouth.. So I hope you can find something and report back.

          On a side note.. chowhound is by far the best site for PIttsburgh area food.. this site has open me up to TONS of places I would of never of tried and also tossed out the "yelp expert: reviews

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            I tried Pho Van in the Strip. It was ok. Nothing to write home about. Pho Kim on Route 88 is very good. You get the plate of basil, peppers, etc.

            I can't compare it to SF Asian-type foods, but it is very good IMHO.

      2. I don't get to eat out often enough, so have been very hesitant to try the pho anywhere in the 'burgh since moving back here a few years back. Just don't want to be disappointed. I have heard good things about Tram's, but mostly this has been from people who never had pho before Tram's, so hard to gauge. I'll have to break down at some point and just do it. But doesn't sound like my decision has been a bad one...

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        1. re: Whigsboy

          i just make my own :( trams is...ok.

        2. i've had pho in many different cities and here in pittsburgh it's definitely vietnam's pho. (eaten at trams twice: frozen in winter, broken a/c in summer, cash only but free attitude and nothing particularly good.)

          the bun at vietnam's pho is also pretty good. but if you're looking for banh mi, there's a woman who sets up a stand in front of firehouse lounge in the strip (usually) that has the best sandwiches, and often some other vietnamese street foods.