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Aug 26, 2011 07:22 AM

KC/MO Grandmother friendly birthday dinner recs, please

Today is my birthday, and we only moved to KC about 2 weeks ago. My grandmother wants to take me out for dinner, but neither of us are sure where to go. Her favorite place is Andre's but they don't do dinner. Someplace quiet with vegetarian options.


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  1. Tatsu's in Prairie Village is a great place for Grandma B-Days

    1. Tatsu's comes to mind. I think they serve an eggplant entree for vegetarians this time of year, if that appeals. Always a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, and the food is reliably good, though I haven't been in a good while.

      Story will accommodate vegetarians with notice, but the atmosphere on a Friday night might be louder than your grandma would like.

      There's always Room 39, either location, though I will say Leawood is often louder at dinner than 39th St. due to larger parties that drink a lot. So, unless you all eat early, bear that in mind for grandma unless she is a convivial person.

      Can you give us more detail on the type or price point restaurant you're looking for? Might be able to come up with more, if those don't appeal.

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        I'm the birthday girl and in my early 30s. I am keen on places that use interesting local, seasonal ingredients but don't hit you over the head with the provenance of each leaf and doesn't over work it. My husband would like an interesting beer list (ideally local rather than imported). My granny is hard of hearing so on the quieter side is best.

      2. Cafe Europa in Brookside is lovely and quiet AND has delicious food. Also, Aixois in Brookside and, if weather permits, you can sit outside. But, like Amyzan says, selections depend on your price range, location, etc. KC has lots of wonderful restaurants.

        301 E 55th St, Kansas City, MO 64113

        Brookside Cafe
        15668 W Center Rd, Omaha, NE 68130