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Aug 26, 2011 07:10 AM

Cons Servent?

Was just recommended this French bistro on Papineau for dinner Sat night with a mutual out of town friend and wanted to get some feedback from Chowhound:

Anyone been and how did it fare comparatively to the usual Plateau-Mile End-Outremont-Old MTL destinations?

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  1. Wow... "way out east in Papineau"

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    1. re: chickenbruiser

      oops... I thought it was out east in Villeray/Parc Ex hood for some reason; nevermind. Question still stands though.

    2. Are they still around? I only say that because I haven't heard anything about them for at least a year. Which of course would sort of fit with my visit to the restaurant (early 2010). Nothing out of the ordinary from a lot of the cookie-cutter chez nous bistros (small plate, house charcuterie, comfort food interpretation, organic/biodynamic wines). If you don't want to risk going "way out east" to Papineau, you can get better closer.

      1. I recall reading somewhwere that Stelio Perombelon has left Les Cons Servent. I wouldn't go without hearing a recent report.

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        1. re: SnackHappy

          It wasn't extraordinary while he was here.

          1. re: SnackHappy

            I got disoriented witht he location... nevermind that part of the question as I was thinking it was way out east of Belanger. My mistake.

            A friend recommended; I'm not sold.

            Sample menu and the couple of blog posts I've seen seem to fit with wattacetti's comments on generic local bistro and not destination worthy. Will try to steer elsewhere, not for my sake or the miscalculation re. distance, but I think it could be disappointing for an out of towner looking for great local French food.

            1. re: OliverB

              Trois Petits Bouchons is more than capable of execution for your out of town friend.

              1. re: wattacetti

                Can’t compare: Completely different price range...

                1. re: Ched1000

                  How so? Mains are all under $30 at TPB, with apps between $8-15... seems to run the conventional price range for Montreal. Are you suggesting Cons Servant is significantly less priced, or more expensive? Seems to not be a huge difference (less than $10) judging by the a la carte sampling on their site. I could be mistaken but wouldn't call it a completely different price range... maybe $5-10 cheaper from what I see on their website. Cost isn't a real deal breaker anyhow.

                  1. re: Ched1000

                    I was talking food. There wasn't a significant difference between my bills at L3PT and that from Les Cons Servent.

                    1. re: wattacetti

                      Well, two things: 3PB is quite good but pricing a bit deceptive for two reasons: 1) the size of the entrees has shrunk over the time (Im ok with that, I really think the average plate size in Montreal/North America is too large. 2) If you are not cautious, wine can bite you.

                      Conservent's entrees are mostly in the surroundings of 18-20$ while 3PB more hovering around 25$ or even more. That said, you get what you pay for..

                2. re: OliverB

                  It's not bad, but it's not great either. Went about a month ago and was underwhelmed by the underseasoned deer tartare and Mc Donalds fries. The grilled quail seemed a lot better. Service was also a bit on the slow side.
                  BTW: they also had a food stand during the Just for Laughs fest.

                  1. re: estilker

                    Thanks so much for the feedback and for confirming my assumptions about CS...

                    I also would've suggested somewhere like 3PB, Leméac, La Montée, Justine, 5ieme, Bienville, Salle à Manger, Pyrus, l'Épicier, etc. and I will definitely try to steer this elsewhere now.

                    1. re: estilker

                      Have to agree with estilker. Went last night (we're from Phila but my mom lives outside of Montreal. Liked the grilled quail, but was a little underwhelmed. Great cellar. Did not seem excessive in price but I am not up on Montreal prices.

                      Have to agree on slowness, although we were in no hurry. One irritating thing: They send people outside to smoke. The people go outside, and stay right in front of the door, so even those of us at the very back of the restaurant smelled the smoke. You'd think they would figure this one out.

                      Overall, not bad. Glad we went. Montreal has so many other choices, though.

                  2. The original comment has been removed
                    1. I realize that it may not be a "destination" kind of place, but I do have fond memories from the Cons Servent. I used to live near there and I liked to go on Tuesdays when they have three courses for 25$. So far, almost everyone I have taken there recently has enjoyed themselves (myself included). That said, most of the people I have taken there have been out of towners and not people who ate French bistro style food frequently.