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Aug 26, 2011 05:05 AM

DIG in Delray - Organic Restaurant

Located in the old Greenfields restaurant site - Atlantic and Military this has just opened. I wish them luck in this economy.

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  1. I ate at DIG about 2 weeks after they opened. I am new to Florida, coming from the West Coast, where farm to table and slow cooking have been around for years. I worked in a restaurant where the farmers themselves (all organic) would come in the back door, and sell their beautifully just picked golden chanterelle mushrooms, freshly harvested mussels and clams, squash blossoms, golden beets, singing scallops, on and on I could go.

    Needless to say, I was quite excited to go to DIG, hoping for the best. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed. But then my standards are quite high. They offer a salad bar, which in my opinion, should either be expanded or done away with completely. It was the standard toppings for salad, and it was a very small bar. Out of the 3 entrees we tried, only one was very good and that was their scallop dish. I ordered organic 1/2 chicken. It was so dry and overcooked, no sauce of any kind, no garnish, just a rice pilaf that old style east coast restaurants love to plop on the plate and carrots. It was barely edible. My brother ordered seared rare Ahi Tuna, one of his favorite dishes. The sauce was very good, a mild ginger broth. But the tuna was well done. My brother mentioned it to the waiter who said he would tell the chef. Nothing else was offered, they did not take the dish off the bill, my brother did not eat it. For dessert, we shared a carrot cake. It was dry, the frosting was hard, one of the worst I have ever had.

    Don't mean to be 'snarky', but if this is Florida's version of 'Farm to Table' and organic, I'll stick with cooking at home.

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      Has this place improved at all? Friends are very high on it but the menu looks pretty formulaic to me. Given so few chances to sample area eateries, and my current desire to devour every dish on the menus at Buccan and Pizz. Oceano, will dinner here be very disappointing?

      1. re: erica

        I have not been and have heard very little about it.

        (I believe that entire strip will soon be demolished BTW for the big new downtown Delray development).

        I seem to hear quite a bit more good things about Darbster.

        They've opened a second site in Boca now...