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Aug 25, 2011 10:37 PM

silicon rolling pin worth it?

i was looking at getting a new rolling pin, and was looking at KAF silicon rolling pin but it is really expensive, is it worth it- their silicon pie mat with the circles on it seems like it would be really helpful (have not tackled pie crusts yet) and it seems like rolling out the dough and using that to cut a proper circle would be nice

anyone have any experience with these items - are they worth the money and do they make doing crusts that much easier?

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  1. I use a large silpat mat and a silicone rolling pin after basically retiring my old wooden one. I really like them for pastry.

    Amazon is a lot cheaper for them too.

    1. I really like the silicone mats. We have two: a silpat that was bought first, but does not have the circles; and a second one (offhand I forget its brand) that does have the circles on it.

      I have three rolling pins, two wood and one silicone. The wood ones are a traditional double-handled model and a tapered French style one. I confess I rarely use the latter. The silicone one is the double-handled, like the wood one. Which one I use tends to depend somewhat on the dough itself but mostly on the mood of the moment, LOL. Honestly I like both materials pretty much equally.

      1. I got a silicone rolling pin at TJ Maxx for $7. You still have to flour the silicone pin as you would any other. I have a stainless steel rolling pin which I also like.

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          Thanks for mentioning that flouring is still needed. :-) When I bought m silicone pin I was under the naieve impression that it wouldn't need flouring. By the time I used it and found otherwise, the Amazon 30-day return period was over and so I decided I might as well keep it.