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Aug 25, 2011 08:37 PM

BANGKOK- good intro to BKK restaurant


I will be taking 3 of my friends to Bangkok for their first time and Im looking for a good place to take them for their first real Thai dinner. Requirements:

-Cold Beer
-1 person does not eat seafood (the other two love it!)
-1 person is allergic to nuts, very allergic to peanuts, but is still adventurous. Not deathly allergic but will react immediately.
-Must be clean
-A sit down restaurant centrally located
-As "authentic" as possible, (no fusion, nouveau-thai)

Everyone enjoys Thai food where we all live.

Question 2 is: How about some good food court recommendations for lunch?


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  1. I will assume that Sukhumvit will fit "central".

    Up Soi 11 there is a branch of Rosabieng, across from the Ambassador hotel. The food is quite good and varied, with a very nice setting.

    MBK's 6th floor food court is a good start for a "local" food court. MBK also has a more tourist oriented "Fifth Floor Food Avenue", that features more "international" offerings at substantially higher prices. At food courts, you can see the ingredients that will go into the dish.

    Here are some food allergy cards. Print out what you need:

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      1. try Baan Klang Naam. Soi 14 Rama III. My go to place in BKK

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          Although good, Baan Klang Nam is heavy on the seafood and a bit out of the way.