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Aug 25, 2011 07:46 PM

Need fun restaurant for 2 couples both 25 yrs old

All are out of college and working, but I don't want to send them somewhere too expensive. Someplace the girls can dress up a little for date night. Need a fun restaurant with great food. Any ideas?


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  1. Janet,

    Can you offer a few more details?

    Where will they be staying?

    Will they have an auto, and be willing to travel?

    What sort of budget are you talking about?

    What do they love?

    Any food issues, like one is a Level 5 Vegan?

    Thanks, and good luck,


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      They are from New Orleans -- but recently moved back.
      They will have a car.
      Budget? I don't know -- just something not over the top.
      No food issues.

      1. re: JanetLong


        "Over the top" can mean many things to different folk.

        For me, "over the top" would probably be something in the neighborhood of US $ 500 for two, but that might well be way beyond others' idea of a budget.

        Thank you,


    2. Since they'll have a car, here's a suggestion: Jacques-Imos.

      Jacques-Imo's Cafe
      8324 Oak St, New Orleans, LA 70118

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      1. re: lillidalla

        Thanks! That's what I recommended. He called me this morning, so I had to go with something. For fun, I recommended Jacques-Imos and a place called Rambla in the CBD for tapas. Also suggested GW Fins, and then for something nicer, I suggested Brightsen's.

        Jacques-Imo's Cafe
        8324 Oak St, New Orleans, LA 70118

        217 Camp Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

        1. re: JanetLong

          Too late to the game, on this one.

          But when I read the OP, I immediately thought: The Green Goddess

          Green Goddess
          307 Exchange Place, New Orleans, LA 70130