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Delicious macarons at the Sweet Lobby

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On Barracks Row, they have a beautiful and large array of macarons (and cupcakes, and madeleines, and shortbread). I sampled the chocolate, passion fruit-milk chocolate, and hazelnut-salted caramel. Other flavors included pistachio, mint chocolate, guava, vanilla, strawberry-mint, and others. It's a lovely little store with absolutely no seating.
I would say these are the best macarons I have had in DC. Clearly they have the largest flavor selection I've seen, and the quality is very high. These had the correct texture, nice flavors, and large servings to boot. Definitely a great addition to Capitol Hill! I will be back!

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  1. I can't believe I have not yet heard of this place. I live on the Hill and walk by here frequently. I look forward to trying it soon - great website!

      1. Excellent macaroons, and these best dark chocolate cupcake in the city. If you seriously like dark chocolate cake, then try the midnight cupcake.