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Eaton Centre Food Court - new and expanded with interesting options

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On September 1st the new Eaton Centre Food Court will be unveiled. According to the article in the Toronto Star (linked below) they spent $48 million in renos! I think the news was posted when it was first announced but the opening is around the corner. Spots like Big Smoke Burger ( i.e. old Craft Burger), Urban Herbivore, along with traditional "fast food" served on actual plates.


If anyone get around to checking it out on the opening weekend please post up here.

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    1. They're giving away $10 gift certificates to be used at the grand opening at Yonge & Dundas, though I didn't stop to see what you had to do to get one.

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        “And many of the malls have the same old chains in the food courts, and it’s getting tired.”

        Will be interesting to see what else shows up. But So far looks like shiny versions of McDonald's, KFC, and one of the wost food court offenders - Bourbon Street Grill.

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          Bourbon St. Grill (the Americans know it as Kelly's Cajun Grill -- the "bourbon chicken samples" people) is hands down the worst fast food chain in history.... Junk Chinese crap passing itself off as Cajun. Might as well serve sushi at the Mexican booth and BBQ pork ribs at the vegetarian or Halal restaurant while they're at it.

          What are they going to do, give out those "bourbon chicken samples" on reusable toothpicks?

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            I think "Thai Express" is much worse than Bourbon St. - tasteless and minimal amounts of ingredients in their noodles.

      2. Toronto Life has a photo gallery of the new food court, Urban Eatery.


        1. What a pleasure to have healthier options like Urban Herbivore and Fast Fresh Foods. And next to offerings like KFC and McD's the healthier spots have shorter lines. Which, while sad, is convenient for those wanting these options.

          Also, kudos to the operators for making some nice environmental initiatives in this food court. Great stuff!

          1. I tried Shanghai 360's dim sum plate, I have to say I was very impressed for food court food. A staff member was preparing the dumplings right where we can see him and the quality was much better than dim sums I've had at restaurants that charge triple the price. I had it with an eggplant dish which was also delicious, and first time ever I don't feel sick after eating food court Chinese!

            1. I tried Amaya Express last month and got a bowl of rice with chicken curry (pepper pot?) for somewhere around 8 bucks. I quite liked it and felt the spiciness was perfect (hotter than I would have expected for the mall). The set up was nice with orange LeCreuset pots in the front.

              The muffins at Urban Herbivore were as good as ever so I'm thankful for their addition to the food court.

              The gelato place right near them was laughable. I forget the name or it, but a tiny scoop is four dollars and the espresso flavour weak. Total waste of money.

              Urban Herbivore
              64 Oxford St, Toronto, ON M5T1P1, CA

              Amaya Express
              1168 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M, CA

              1. Liberty Noodle's ramen was YUM. :)

                1. I haven't been to the Eaton Centre in a while but when I found myself in the 'hood for a meeting this morning, I decided to run in and do a quick bit of shopping. Intrigued by the big escalators pointing to "Urban Eatery", I followed the masses and was stunned to see this massive new modern food court. What a great job they've done down there! Alongside the usual pan-Asian offerings, and McD's, I was really happy to see Aroma Espresso Bar, Amaya Express, Urban Herbivore and Fast Fresh Foods. There's also a Liberty Noodle, a creperie and a bunch of other places. The place was rammed with a mash-up of strollers, students, shoppers and suits - looks like there's not enough seating - but the offerings elevate it way above the previous food court (not saying much) and others like it.

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                    It's an amazing food court. Something future food courts should aspire to. Someone working there told me it actually wasn't the first of its kind - that there was first one similar in Montreal. Regardless, it's a great step forward.

                    Funny about the seating. When it's "emptier" it looks HUGE. But it fills up quick.

                    1. re: magic

                      I really enjoy the roast beef sandwhiches at Rare. Also have enjoyed the Saag Paneer at Amaya which was better than expected for food court fare.

                      Mucho Burrito gets my vote for worst burrito in the city. The chicken burrito had a weird sweetness to it which may have come from mysterious burrito sauce. The hot sauce tasted like spicy ketchup. A medium burrito and drink came in around $13 making it the most expensive fast food burrito in the city that i'm aware of.