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Aug 25, 2011 06:19 PM

Great cheap food near Johns Hopkins' main campus?

My daughter is going to Johns Hopkins. She knows a couple of restaurants in the area -- the Paper Moon Diner, Kambers Indian/Deli, One World Cafe, and some coffee shops. Are there other very reasonably priced restaurants or even grocery stores nearby for adventuresome eaters that she might not have come across yet?

Paper Moon
1069 31st St NW, Washington, DC 20007

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  1. PJ's pub has nightly specials and Monday is wing night. While not the best wings my wife and I went for their fresh cut fries. I prefer them to be dry and not too greasy. On good days Five Guys and Kislings have fries to rival PJ's. At Five Guys I always empty them from the container into the brown paper bag to allow the brown paper to soak up some of the oil. As far as I'm conmcerned these places rival the chips at some of the renowned fish and chips places in Britain and Scotland.
    In any case a few wings and an order of french fries can be a meal at PJ's for a few dollars on a Monday night.

    1. The Dizz

      The Dizz
      300 W 30th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

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        I love the dizz, not just for the superior bar food, but for the ambiance. Sit at the bar -- you'll meet the coolest people there. Well, unless Rob Roblin is there. He's the anti-cool.

      2. My daughter graduated from Hopkins a few years ago. She took us to Carma's Cafe, a teeny cafe on the corner of St. Paul and 32nd Street for a lunch. There's also Donna's, also on St. Paul.

        1. Not sure just how cheap your daughter is looking for, but there are a couple of things she might do. offers 80% off discount codes fairly often, and you can sign up to get them by email. In the end, you end up spending about $20, including tip, for $35 worth of food. If she takes a couple of friends or roommates, this amounts to a good deal. 5 restaurants popped up within a mile of Hopkins, but I'm not familiar with any of them, unfortunately.

          She can also check out some happy hour sites (here's one: but she should go to the bar website to double check the specials, because those sites aren't always up-to-date. She can also check the bar websites of places she knows of near campus for weeknight food specials. Sometimes half-price burgers and that sort of thing are a very good deal. I assume she's underage, but most bars don't card at the door on weeknights.

          I really like tapas teatro. It's probably not a great thing for an undergrad with a tight budget, but might be a nice place to buy her a gift card to.

          1. Not a grocery store, but she should check out the Waverly Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings at E 32 Street and Barclay Streets.