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Aug 25, 2011 03:00 PM

How Important is Restaurant Cleanliness to You?

Being a lover of dives I never really gave this too much thought until recently. I went with a friend to a Chinese noodle restaurant in Hells Kitchen (I can't recall the name). The food was ok and I was enjoying myself... until I went to the bathroom and saw someone flushing lettuce down the toilet. ?????? I was disgusted. The strange thing is that my friend didn't think this was a big deal. I completely lost my appetite. I don't think I overreacted but I am curious how you would react in this situation.

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  1. Hey- better flushing it down, than pulling it out!

    1. I can top that!

      It was a bagel place. I purchased some things and placed an order. I went to the (one) restroom. When I entered, I froze. The toilet was... Stood there thinking for a while. Saw a plunger. As much as I detest cleaning up other people's messes... Washed my hands/arms for a minute. Went out and didn't say a word.

      On the lettuce things, maybe it was lettuce that was just caught in clothing and noticed while in the restroom?

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        A busboy or cook was flushing lettuce down the toilet when I opened the door.

      2. Personally, flushing lettuce bothered you? Er weren't you in the bathroom to flush something probably more disgusting, of your own? I mean isn't that the role of toilets? AS long as it was flushed down and not being taken out, no bother to me.

        1. It is critically important! Poor restaurant hygiene can result in minor disgusts such as described above, but more importantly can result in serious illnesses such as staph gastroenteritis (usually from inadequate refrigeration), salmonella infection or potentially fatal hepatitis. I don't care how delicious the food may look or taste, foodborne illness is not something to mess with. If I see a serious offense, I'm out of there and on the phone to the health department.

          1. As long as they weren't pulling the lettuce out of the toilet I don't think I'd have a problem with it. There was a television expose a few years back on a Vancouver restaurant that was storing their meat slicer in the WC - that's about my limit.