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Aug 25, 2011 02:47 PM

Budget food adventure in Portland, ME

I'm heading to Portland with a friend for 3 days next week and would love some recommendations for both seafood and anything else delicious we may be able to hunt down while there.

Only catch is we are students and our budget is a little more limited than some of the suggestions that keep coming up here. Though we might splurge on one pricey place, there must be some hidden gems that won't break the bank, right?

Any suggestions would be lovely!

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  1. OK, I'll take a shot at this one. Some places I hit regularly and/or recently - all fairly low budget.

    Pizza. Otto. Even the poorest of students could actually live on this pizza and not get bored. two locations both on Congress St.

    Micucci's (India St): more pizza, actually "slabs". The dough is the thing here.

    Gogi (Congress St): Cheap Asian/Mexican?? fusion. Really interesting.

    Duckfat (Middle St): It's all about the fries

    Boda (Congress St): Sunday night - 1/2 price late night menu after 9:30pm. Well worth waiting to eat.

    Fez (Washington Ave just off Congress): Moroccan food - try something different.

    Kamasouptra (Public Market House on Monument Sq). Good soup

    District (Danforth St): Happy hour 4-6pm M-F. $1 oysters and $2 drafts

    Standard Bakery (Commercial St): yum

    Aurora Provisions: West end. Great scones, coffee, sandwiches.
    3 Sons Lobster (Commercial St): Doesn't get much more basic. Not a restaurant but they will cook your lobster and you eat it on a picnic table outside. You can also get chowda and clams.

    These should get you started and will not hurt the wallet at all.

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      Great list, Bobbert. My only comment would be that while delicious, I think of most everything at Aurora Provisions as pricey.

      One potential addition, a Portland landmark: Silly's on Washington Ave.:

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      1. $1.75 pupusas at Tu Casa on Washington Ave!