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Anyone else "over the edge" with corn on the cob this season?

Only three of us in this household. But we're chomping corn on the cob like it's our last meal. Have bought, and BH has prepared, about 30 ears just in the past 10 days. It's that good! Just got six ears today from my new favorite farm stand in SE MI., this afternoon. When paying for the purchase, mentioned to the owner, "this corn is like eating candy for dinner." His reply: "Yep. It's really good this year."

What are other 'hounds experience with COTC this year?

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  1. Deb and I have been eating corn on the cob at every opportunity this summer. I'm ok with fall but hate winter so we cherish this time of year before we have to hunker down. Let the record show we have also concentrated on lobsters this season.

    1. I think a lot of people are noticing how sweet the corn is lately, although not everyone necessarily loves this...


      1. I just moved from the East to Denver, and I bought a grill. They have "Olathe" corn here, which is almost as good as Jersey corn (lol), and I've been grilling it. I have it with butter, lime juice and chili powder. YUM.

        1. We are only buying the varieties that are not sweet since that is what we prefer. Just lucky that we have that option. But we are eating corn on most days. Such a short seaon. And every meal has at least one sliced tomato.

          Soon, I will buy abunch of Queen Ann, remove and freeze the kernals, and then make the corn stock. Thanksgiving all this is served baked. Truly delicious.

          1. Lucky you, every time we've bought corn here in southwestern PA this year it's been merely "fine" with no big desire to have a second ear.

            1. we do not buy Super Sweet varieites but the corn has been great from the two stands we frequent. Corn and tomatoes and green beans at most meals. I am freezing some every time we make it and will have corn and scallop chowder, our favorite.

              1. Had our very first batch of Chilliwack corn yesterday and today. Finally. It is sweeter than days of yore, and it is yellow and white, rather than yellow, but the fact that is travels just a few short kms before hitting my supermarket makes up for a lot. Sigh.

                1. COTC out here in California is the best I've seen in a decade. We've enjoyed it up to three times each week for the past several weeks and if I could rely on it being this good forever I think it would become a staple. We'll enjoy it while it lasts - as often as possible.

                  1. Thanks for the replies so far.

                    Prompts me to want to go further afield to sample corn offered at a few other stands. Weekend road trip is in order.

                    1. It was better earlier in August, when things were drier (I am in eastern New England). Now that we're in much wetter weather, the corn is getting more bloated and diluted in flavor.

                      1. omg. eating it like crazy people. totally! hmmm... might have to grab some on the way home today before the hurricane hits and potentially destroys the crop!

                        1. Here in Central New Jersey we have been enjoying a bumper crop of sweet corn and I pass through acres of corn fields to and from work along with several road side stands.
                          I've been going through a lot of butter this summer.....

                          1. Corn and tomatoes. Tomatoes and corn. We have one or both at every available opportunity. I haven't had my fill of either, yet, and I probably won't, because when they're gone, they're gone.

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                              We've been doing our favorite tomato salad almost every night for the past month; since it's just the two of us, one or two tomatoes per night gives us plenty for supper and leftovers for my lunch. And twice a day is fine with me! Not corn so much, but this has me thinking that tonight would be a good time for that. And tomatoes, of course! Haven't even been farmer's marketing - Whole Foods has great heirloom varieties at $3.99/lb, and until 9-16 Gelson's has decent ones at $2.99.

                              Salade de tomates is just chunks of tomato, S&P, olive oil and a dash or two of vinegar, let stand at room temp for an hour or so. Seedless cucumber, avocado and crumbled feta are good in there, too.

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                                I'm not a gardener, but I do have a container on my deck with two beautiful basil plants that have provided plenty so far. Sliced tomatoes, a sprinkling of S&P, a chiffonade of basil, and maybe a small amount of a good EVOO. Does it get any better?