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Looking for Scotch

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Time to buy my husband his anniversary bottle of Scotch. I change it up every year, so I need a liquor store with a good selection, and knowledgeable staff. Thanks!

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  1. The state store on Fourth Avenue near Safeco Field has the best selection. If you want something special, I suggest Glenlevit Nadurra.

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      We checked this store out last week and it's got a good selection (compared to Vancouver BC). Will definitely stop by again when we visit.

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        I'll second Nadurra. That or Lagavulin.

      2. You can see the inventory of all the different stores on the LCB website, fyi. Search for a particular item or category, etc.


        1. There is a brand new 'special store' opening in West Seattle I believe on Sept. 5th, that is going to be the 'demo' store for a new tasting bar (wow!) and a special selection of items not normally found on area stores.

          I am sure you can find info on that at the WSLCB website as well. If you don't have time to wait till then, then as suggested on this thread are the best other options. 4th ave S and the website.

          Best of luck.

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            I was just there yesterday, buying my husband's Christmas bottle (shhhh, don't tell!) They had a pretty impressive selection. They told me they'd gotten a few special orders in for the holidays, beyond their usual stock.