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Aug 25, 2011 02:07 PM

LV restaurant week 2011

my parents will be in LV during restaurant week and would like to participate -- but the list of restaurants and menus is a bit overwhelming. They stop in LV a few times a year driving from CA to SLC or elsewhere, and they always eat at Mesa Grill. They would like to expand their repertoire -- any suggestions from the benefit list? They are experienced diners who eat their way around the world, and they have little patience for the precious or overpriced. Thanks.

Mesa Grill
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. Well, I plan to dine at mix and bar masa. For the money I think they both represent good values. I'm not sure what you mean by "precious or overpriced" and I bet others don't either judging by the lack of replies to this thread.

    Really none of the options are really overpriced by strip standards. For precious, I guess you mean excessively delicate or something? Can you give examples?

    1. I'd love to hear any reports on LV restaurant week experiences. I've looked at all the menus and still can't decide.

      1. We are headed to town this weekend. So far we have the RW menu planned for Charlie Palmer on Saturday night and Sirio on Sunday night. If we have time either before or after the Absinthe show on Friday, we might hit up somewhere near Caesars Palace or outside at Serendipity III. A few of the lunch options looked good, so we might try to hit up SkyBox at Aria before we hit the pool.

        1. Thus far -
          Morels lunch Mon - Another place never really cared about going but food was pretty good as was the service. Would return for lunch.
          Blue Ribbon on Mon night. Worth checking out but no booze pairing. Good value and that fried chicken is so tasty. Food and service were great.
          MOzen for lunch Tues. I love Mozen, and will take any excuse to go. Food/service always great.
          Blossom on Tues night. - Another winner. Food was good, not great, but menu/pairing good value. Service was excellent as well. Glad we went.
          Sushi Roku for lunch Weds. - Nothing special. Sushi portion was very weak(freshness/cuts). Went last year and it was much better.
          Mix Weds night. - I've wanted to try this place for a while, but reviews were always mixed(sorry). Not impressed. RW menu is decent, we got a few additions to try, but I didn't like it overall. Layout is funky (1/2 booths that face each other with 2 top in middle), food marginal,imo. Service though was spectacular. Wouldn't go back.

          Note: It really annoys me when you have to ask for the menus. See Blue Ribbon & Roku.

          1. We went to Todd's Unique tonight for Restaurant Week. Great meal, great value. $30.11 for three wonderful courses! Most places you get an appetizer or dessert included in the price for Restaurant Week; at Todd's you get an appetizer and dessert! Suggest you give it try.

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              I believe they are all at least 3 courses.

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                You are correct they are all three or more courses. I didn't state it very well. What I meant to say is that most of the other restaurants appear to be charging the equivalent of either the entree and dessert or entree and appetizer/salad. For the meal at Todd's ($30.11) you are getting the appetizer and a dessert for nearly the same price as the entree by itself; depending on your choices.