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Aug 25, 2011 01:49 PM

Our list of meals - What do you love to eat at these spots?

Hello all,

This is my first post. I'm visiting Paris for the second time in mid-September. My reservations are as follows and I would appreciate your opinions on how well balanced (or not) my selections are. My husband and I love to eat, appreciate excellent food, don't take things too seriously, and are looking to have a fun and romantic time. If you have particular favorite menu items at any of these restaurants and can help me with suggestions on specialties that I should not miss at any of these places, direction would be most appreciated. What do eat at these places?

Day 1: Dinner- no reservation but thinking of Christophe. We are staying near the Pantheon and will be arriving after a 12 hour travel day at around 8 or 9 p.m. We are looking for something tasty and not too arduous to get to after that type of travel. Thoughts?

Day 2: Chez Casimir

Day 3: Context food walking tour in the morning. Josephine Chez Dumonet for dinner

Day 4: Lunch- Guy Savoy, Dinner- no reservation yet but hoping for l'Ami Jean

Day 5: Versailles

Day 6: Dinner- Le Cinq

Is Wednesday unreasonably full? For our other lunches we are planning to wander and eat pastry and crepes and cheese etc. We are considering canceling our reservation at GS.

Per David Lebovitz, we are considering Les Papilles for lunch if we are near and hungry. Thoughts?

I have been reading this board and have appreciated the wealth and detail of knowledge provided.
Thanks in advance for your time.


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  1. If Wesnesday Day 4 then yes, move CLJ to the next day it is casual so good after a day at Versailles.

    1. Woops.

      Day 5 Versailles we are booked at La Regalade for dinner.

      1. If you guys can eat your day #4 and be comfortable, you will has surpassed uhockey in eating capabilities. For either of those spots, l fast before and afterwards. L Papilles is a fav of many on this board, only downside is there is one menu, hope you like it.

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          Yes, Guy Savoy and CLJ on the same day would hospitalize most folks. Are you booked at La Regalade St Honore or the oriinal in the 14th? I'd choose CLJ over LRSH but the original LR over CLJ.

          We love the food at Christophe but the astmosphere is kind of cold. And it's a bit of a schep from the nearest metro but may not be a far walk from where you are staying so assuming arrival day is a Sunday, it's a solid choice.

          1. re: plafield

            Favorite foods? At JCD, the foie is to die for. Also some the best beef Bourginion you'll ever have. At CLJ any of his larger roasted meats for 2 such as the duck, or cote de veau or cote de boeuf. Delicious! And of course the rice pudding is a must!

        2. At Le Cinq, yes believe this, my favorite dish in my 7 weeks in Paris this spring were their carrots .
          As well as the normal course in the meal, l got them for dessert as well.