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Aug 25, 2011 01:43 PM

Dinners "up north" in Michigan

I'm charged with finding nice dining options on a trip my BH and I are taking next month.

First stop, Oscoda, second stop, The Soo, third stop Munising.

We're already committed to Brown's Fish House for a lunch on our travel between The Soo and Munising...

But I'm amused--or really bemused, by the restaurant reviews on yelp and urbanspoon.

One review sez a restaurant "sucks". Another review, submitted the very next day, says the same place was one great dining experience.

I'm getting really confused by the the advice offered on line! (and honestly, if a hotel doesn't offer Concierge service, I tend to take suggestions from the Front Desk, with a grain of salt).

We can bounce from upscale to midscale to unique with the blink of an eye. Can I get help from 'hounds to give me "must dos" in Oscoda/The Soo/Munising?

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  1. For Munising, I steer people to the Brownstone Inn, which is an old style roadhouse about 10 miles west of the town on M-28.

    Brownstone Inn
    Highway 28, Au Train, MI 49806

    1. If you're driving by Mt. Pleasant, you might try Shin, Korean food, in a mall next to the Subway sub shop. Thirteen dollors for 2 people for dinner! And the food is good! I like the sizzling pots, with the raw egg that cooks when you stir.

      1. It has been a few years since I have been to the Soo, but I used to practically live up there in the winter. I am sure there are more choices in the summer but there wasn’t anything superb in the Winter. Our top spots were Abner's for steaks (now closed I think), Maloney's for pub grub (nothing spectacular), Penny’s for breakfast or lunch, and the Greek place next to The Alpha bar. This was my favorite from a food perspective, the salad’s were fresh (hard to find up there in the middle of winter) and the food was tasty. If you want interesting/upscale/more choices you will have to go to Soo Canada. Upscale I would recommend Arturo’s. On the less expensive side, there was a pretty good Italian place very close to the bridge, unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it (Marconi’s?). I do remember it was in a slightly industrial area east of the bridge. Dock’s Riverfront has a great view, I don’t remember the food being either good or bad, just middle of the road.

        Between the Soo and Munising I can highly recommend Wilcox’s Fish House. It is basically just a small, five table joint to sell the day’s catch. Call ahead because their hour’s were unpredictable. Also between the Soo and Munising on M-28 is a small diner that served relatively good food. I think the name of it was Shirley’s, it was on the south side of M-28 near Strong’s, about 2.5 miles west of the old Raco Field (if you are in for a bit of adventure, wander around Raco Field, it is interesting in a spooky kind of way :) The brewery at Tahquamenon Falls isn’t bad either. If you drive up into Grand Marais the pizza is not bad at the Dune’s Saloon (I think it is called Superior Brewing now). The only time I have eaten in Munising was at the Dogpatch Saloon, and that was because it looked cool, don’t remember much about the food. Have fun and report back, I am headed up that way in a few months.

        Arturo Ristorante Italiano
        515 Queen St E, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2A2, Canada +1 705-253-0002

        Shirley Wilcox Sons Fisheries
        1232 South Wilcox Lane, Brimley, MI 49715-9353 (906) 437-5407

        Penny's Kitchen
        112 W Spruce St, Sault Ste. Marie, MI (906) 632-1232

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        1. re: Wooderson

          >>Have fun and report back, I am headed up that way in a few months.<<

          Certainly will, Wooderson. Don't know if we can fit Shirley Wilcox Sons Fisheries in to this trip. We're planning on Brown's for a meal after our visit to Whitefish Point and the Taq Falls. Then on to Munising. Thank you for the recs!

        2. In Oscoda, Tait's Bill of Fare is your best bet. I've always experienced really good dinners there, especially the fish; good bar. Wiltse's is very good for breakfast and lunch with a good microbrewery. I like Oscoda. They're having a tough time with the closing of the air base but it's a great little town.

          Tait's Bill of Fare
          111 E Dwight St, Oscoda, MI 48750

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          1. re: SonyBob

            We were just up in the Tawas area last week and Wiltse's was our lunch choice one day...I decided to make lunch an order of fried mushrooms which were very good. They make their own, not from the SYSCO bag so quite tasty. Accompanied with a Paul Bunyan Stout and I was very happy. DH had a (cod) fish sandwich which he enjoyed as well.

            For the basic 2 eggs over easy, Mamas Kitchen is decent (worn linoleum, faux wood...)

            I will have to try Tait's next time up, sounds good--local fish?

            I agree that Oscoda has not really recovered from Wurtsmith closing, almost 20 years ago. Makes me wonder what would happen in the Southern states if all their bases closed and the Federal spigot shut off.

            1. re: SonyBob

              I have fond memories of Oscoda, went to camp there and my freshman year roommate was from there. Only time I've ever snowmobiled was with her there. And, as I recall, Camp Nissokone had rockin' "bug juice" aka kool-aid.

            2. Thanks for the replies so far. I HAVE decided on Tait's in Oscoda. And yooperprof's suggestion for the Brownstone Inn in Au Train will definately fit the bill for Munising. But now for the Soo...

              Brownstone Inn
              Highway 28, Au Train, MI 49806