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What to do with a little bit of lobster

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I have five small lobster tails left in the freezer that my husband caught last year ( one advantage of living in Florida). They are really small - what can I do with them for a meal tonight. I don't feel like going out and buying anything extra to add ( shrimp for example and then making a seafood chowder)

So -- what to do with five small tails, a fairly well stocked larder and dinner looming in about 2 hours.

By the way ( for any Floridians/lobstermen reading this) they are not illegal sized ones - they are from slipper lobsters which have no size limitations.

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  1. Lobster Francais/Francese.......with Angel Hair pasta.

    1. Split and grilled? Paella? Kebabs? Bisque? Lobster Rolls? Thermidor? Stuffed tails? Cocktail? Deep fried? Po' Boys? Stuffed into Ravioli? Or Potstickers?

      How small is "really small"? 1 oz? 2 oz? 4 oz?

      1. Saw this on a menu online this week: Lobster Scrambled Eggs.

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          +1 Lobster omlet. Also Lobster quesadilla.

        2. Lobster Mac and cheese, lobster grilled cheese, or an easy paella with some chicken, sausage, etc. you might have on hand. A lobster roll or lobster salad served in a tomato would be nice.

          1. When I have small amounts of lobster meat left over, I chop them up & serve them over pasta - either just mixed with lemon butter, or with a red sauce, or added to a clam or mixed seafood sauce.

            1. We had lobster pizza for dinner tonight. I just cut the meat and added it as a topping the last 4 mins.

              1. I would eat them as a first course all by themselves with maybe a little melted butter.

                1. Lobster Fondue for 2 with some REALLY good crusty french bread.

                  1. Made the greatest risotto of my life with stock using the roasted lobster shells, bouquet garni, garlic and tarragon.

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                      I thought of risotto from the post title. Yummy.

                      Using the shells is so important. My mother simmers the shells in some of the cream she will be using when making fish chowder. So much richer.

                    2. Lobster Caesar salad, lobster stew or bisque, lobster Newburg, lobster rolls, lobster Alfredo, lobster Benedict, and just in case you lobster and then flounder, lobster tacos.

                      1. I'd make lobster rolls!

                        1. So what was the outcome? I don't mean to be obsessed with your dinner, lol, just curious. :)

                          And now I kinda want a late-summer lobster treat myself. I may have to make some egg/cheese breakfast croissants for us with frozen crawfish tails.

                          1. Make a lobster bisque. I have made it using Better than Buillion Lobster base (Yes I know it's cheating).


                            1 gallon half and half

                            3 tablespoons of Better than Boulion lobster base

                            1 round tablespoon of tomato paste

                            1 tablespoon of paprika

                            1 cup of sherry or 1/2 cup of cognac.

                            All the shells from your lobsters and/or tails.

                            I'll boil the shells for about an hour and then remove the shells and continue to reduce that until it starts to get thick (1/20 of the original volume).

                            Add that glace to the half and half with 3 tablespoons of the lobster base, the tomato paste and the paprika.

                            Mince or chop the lobster tail meat (hopefully its not already cooked or it will be tough after putting it in the hot bisque).

                            Then add a cup of sherry or 1/2 cup of cognac and simmer for 10 minutes.

                            Take it off the heat, put in the lobster meat and stir (the pieces need to be small to add this way).

                            Ladle into bowls and serve.