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Aug 25, 2011 01:37 PM

CSA Rating

How's would you rate your CSA? We tried a new CSA this year, that had a different format than most, and I can say that while Kimball Farms has some decent meat, I'm have not been impressed with the quality of the produce. I'm also not pleased with the quantity of produce available for CSA share using Kimball Farms point system. On a 5 star system I'd rate Kimball Farm Feed CSA 1.5 stars. Needless to say, I will not renew with them next year. This is not Kimball Farms in Westford.

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  1. I'd rate our CSA, Picadilly Farm, a 5. Bountiful, gorgeous and delicious stuff - all organic. And the owners are just so nice. What's not to love? Highly recommend.


    1. I'd easily give Shared Harvest CSA (fall/early winter share) a 5, based on three years subscribing.

      Shared Harvest
      Belmont, Belmont, MA

      1. Is it Kimball Fruit Farm in Pepperell -- or is there another Kimball Farm somewhere? I've always found the quality of produce KFF sells at farmer's markets to be pretty high.

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          No, this is Kimball Farm Feeds in Haverhill. We joined because they offer meat, fresh eggs, as well as produce, and when we have gone to pick up CSA shares, the quality of the produce has been lacking. Based on what I've seen at the Haverhill Farmers Market, they are selling the best and the remainder is going towards CSA shares.

        2. We are customers of the Picadilly Farm CSA that GG mentions and I would rate them a 4. Maybe a 4.5. What's keeping them from a 5 is a) I like to leave a little headroom for improvement and b) I still occasionally get "CSA envy" when I read some of the posts in the CSA thread. I'm not sure what else I could ask for...the produce is gorgeous, tasty, varied, plentiful. Oh, now I sound ungrateful!

          This is our 3rd CSA (well, 4th...details to follow). Our first, Heaven's Harvest was disappointing to me (I would rate them a 2). Our second, Connors Farm, was better (I would give them a 3) and we might have gone back with them but then we did the fall/winter share with Shared Harvest. Oh, my. 5+. And as a result of Shared Harvest we found Picadilly Farm. Definitely happy with them, will definitely sign up for next year.

          I'm anyone doing the Wilson Farm CSA? Didn't even know they had one until earlier this week.


          Wilson Farm
          10 Pleasant St, Lexington, MA 02421

          Shared Harvest
          Belmont, Belmont, MA

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          1. re: owen_meany

            Could you please provide a link to your referenced CSA thread. I am new to CSA and researching. Joined Farmer Dave's (mostly because of location, choice option and because it was still available) a few weeks ago. Now I am trying to research options for the winter. Thanks.

            1. re: cpl100

              Do you mean where I said "that GG mentions"? GG = Gansu Girl. She mentions Picadilly Farm in this thread....there are other CSA threads on Chowhound (if you search for "CSA" they should pop up).

              1. re: owen_meany

                No, I was replying to you actually. See above where you say: "I still occasionally get "CSA envy" when I read some of the posts in the CSA thread". That is the CSA thread I am seeking. Thanks!

            1. re: shaebones

              I would second a 5 star rating for Luna Farms. Wonderful produce, good communication, and good variety.

              1. re: Ladycale

                Could you give more details about this CSA? I saw a listing for it but couldn't find a website or any detailed information at all. It would be more convenient than my current CSA. I am interested in the variety of items, quality, price/quantity value, etc. Also, do you have a link for information on this? I have searched extensively and cannot locate anything. Thanks.

                1. re: cpl100

                  Contact Lydia or Derek @