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Aug 25, 2011 12:23 PM

Is Torrontes the next Malbec?

I just tried my first bottle of Torrontes (Crios) the other night and really enjoyed it. The nose was reminiscent almost of a Gewürztraminer with wonderful flavors on the palate. This will make a nice addition to my standby Sauvignon Blanc in the summertime. I had no knowledge of this varietal previously, I wonder if it could burst out of Argentina like Malbec did?

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  1. Um, no?

    They've been remarkably inconsistent for me, and unless the world suddenly restarts the ABC search, I don't think this varietal will have more than a niche.

    1. No, because Torrontes can actually produce very beautiful wines, something Malbec can only aspire to at $100/bottle.

      1. Tannat from Uruguay and Carmenere from Chile are other possible candidates.
        Some people are put off by Carmenere's veggie taste, but it shares this characteristic
        with Cabernet Franc.

        1. No...Malbec originated in France, and Torrontes in Argentina.

          1. If you are actually asking if Torrentes will be "the next big varietals," then who knows? It is all about marketing, and the "wine-pron" press. If they feel so, then we will see myriad articles on it, until the world says "no more."

            Going back many years, the question was, "Is Merlot the next Cabernet Sauvignon?"

            Happens every few years.

            Enjoy, while you can, and expect the prices to go through the roof, if WS, or others pick up on it.


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              WS already gave the Crios Torrontes 90 points, for whatever that's worth. I've paid about $11 or $12. Agree with David that it's an interesting and enjoyable bottle and good value.

              1. re: Joltingjoey

                "Agree with David that it's an interesting and enjoyable bottle and good value."

                Whether it ever becomes the next "darling," is immaterial. If it does the above for you, then it is good!