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Aug 25, 2011 09:56 AM

Jewish Deli in Paris?

Hi, I just went to Florence's on rue des Ecouffes and was disappointed. Is there anywhere in Paris to get a great brisket on rye and some matzoh ball soup? Thanks!

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  1. You could try the inexpensive The Bagel Brooklyn in the 16th. No guarantees here.

      1. re: Parigi

        Parigi, that place has brisket on rye? I think I walked past it yesterday.

        1. re: UWSBB

          I don't know if it does.
          I was there once with a Jewish friend who swore the food was exactly the kind that his Russian Jewish grandmother used to make. "Must be the same village," he said. I go there for the (very good) pastrami sandwich (which they will heat up for you if asked) and (ups and downs, but excellent when up) potato pancake and piroshki. It is one of my 3 favorite shopping sources for a picnic. Tip on a sumptuous secret picnic spot: the nearby rose garden in the jardin St Gilles Grand Veneur.

          1. re: Parigi

            Ah. I went to the blue Finkelstajn on ecouffes. This is not the kind of Jewish deli sandwich I am talking about. I am talking about fresh sliced brisket on rye, not re-heated pre-made pastrami. I had that sandwich as well, and while it was good, not what i'm looking for.

            1. re: UWSBB

              Ah sorriest. Otherwise I have not found in Paris the type of wonderful sandwich delicatessens that one can count on finding in major American cities.

              1. re: Parigi

                Agree - maybe the post should be American "Jewish" Deli in Paris - after all the 19th and 20th century Jewish diaspora was some time ago and not all communities came from the same places, had the same food traditions or evolved in the same ways in their new homes (not to say that the Parisian Jewish community doesn't go back many, many centuries and has its own traditions and style).

              2. re: UWSBB

                I'd like to get a solid, reliable translation of "brisket". Pointe de poitrine?

        2. The answer is no. Jewish food in Paris is different from Jewish food in New York. The French cuts of meat are different too as are the food tradition. The best deli meats are the strasbourg style sausages. At the kosher butcher you can get pastrami but I have never seen warm brisket on rye. Goldenberg's was the only place I have ever seen matzah ball soup on the menu and they are long gone. You have a much chance of getting this type of stuff in London or Amsterdam. In Paris I would stick to North African Jewish Food.

          1. Coming to this news a bit late, I just found out that my favorite Jewish restaurant in Paris closed in December. Link Below.

            Ok, it's a pretty slim category.... but as you will see in the link it was more Warsaw than New York.

            Sacha Finklestajn's is great, terrific caviar d'aubergine, but the Jews in Paris are not facing New York when they pray, so the food will take its cues more from Eastern European, Israeli, and Sephardic traditions. What developed in New York is not being copied in Paris.

            In addition, sandwiches are a culinary afterthought in France. Go to any bar au coin, and, yes, they can slice a baguette and put some paté de campagne in the middle. No need for a carte or to list it on a blackboard. Anyone can do it or make themselves a picnic from provisions at the local market.