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Aug 25, 2011 09:36 AM

Dallas restaurants with low calorie options

Looking for a lunch place where they serve gaspacho and other items where you can get a healthy and low calorie lunch. Any suggestions?

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  1. Cosmic Cafe at 2912 Oak Lawn in Dallas.

    Kalachandjis-Gourmet Vegetarian restaurant.

    1. Most restaurants (even some fast food) have low calorie options or can accommodate such on request. Are you asking for restaurants whose primary focus is on low-cal/heart-healthy?

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        No, I'm looking for a nice place where the menu is broad and you can make good choices. Trying to remember where I've seen gaspacho on the menu .. I know there is always sushi, or salads.

      2. Is Plano close enough? Seasons 52 has a fresh and interesting menu. Nothing on the menu is over 480 calories. http://www.seasons52.com/menu/nutriti...

        For Dallas, Rise no 1 offers wonderful souffles that are low in calories (range from 216-413). They often have gazpacho as well.

        1. Rise at Tollway and lovers. They have gaspacho (atleast last time I was there it was a special) AND most of their souffles (even dessert) are low cal.

          1. All are great suggestions. My plan is to visit all of them. Have been to Rise and to Seasons 52, but didn't know Rise had gaspacho. The vegetarian restaurants might be my new go-to places. Appreciate the help. Thanks so much everyone!